Monday, January 21, 2008

Good intentions....

I have the day and the house and the computer to my self today! Here is a quick update!
From Sunday Stitching, Julia & Patty discussing their next project!!

Serious stitchers stitching....

My first Finish of 2008

My start on Pretty Pumpkins..... remember my stitching goals? To finish more than I start? Well, I'm behind!

My second start of the year.... They Came from Afar. This is fun to work on, I love watching the Kings robe come to life!

An update on CDC... I am having the BEST time stitching on this piece!

Our Sea Grape Chapter of EGA had their annual luncheon this past Saturday. Here is a picture of some of the Luncheon-ers!

Dallas Cowboys Christmas ornament

Not much new going on with me.... Work is work.... Too busy. My Christmas decor is ALL still up.... company is coming to visit the first of Feb. At this stage of the game, I'm wondering just HOW long I can get away with leaving it all up??? If I never took it down, look how far ahead of the game I would be come next Christmas! Guess I had best get busy and bring the boxes in from the garage.
I'd much rather go stitchin'.... or take a nap....
Stay safe!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I wish you all a safe, healthy and prosperous 2008!

I'm not one to make New Years Resolutions. I hate to disappoint people!
I have made a few stitching goals:
1. To finish more than I start
2. To start and finish Pretty Pumpkins
3. To start and finish 3 Kings
4. To have my holiday stitching done prior to Thanksgiving

My other goals are:
Read more, lose 40 pounds, save more, work less, blog more, deal with turning 50 in 2008...!
We will see how it all goes!

Our Christmas was wonderful. We spent the day with friends. Both of us sure missed our kids and grand kids this year and decided that this could be the last time we spend Christmas in warm, sunny Florida for a while. We want to see the grand kids on Christmas and it is easier for us to travel than it is for the kids, so one year we will be in Michigan (brrrr!!!) and one year in Oklahoma (brrrr!!!!). Was there any real difference in the weather between the 2? How about the flight delays?? I'm going to be shopping at the Salvation Army for coats and warm clothes! I wonder if I can convince the kids to have Christmas in July??? I'm willing to do this for the grand kids... don't tell their parents!

We did something different for our friends this year for Christmas. I thought and thought about what I could give. We all have more "stuff" than we know what to do with.... What can we all use more of?? Time. How can I give Time?? We spent the weekend of Christmas cooking! We made chili, veggie soup, meatloaf, pumpkin bars, chocolate sheet cakes, seasoned crackers, cheesy biscuits and peanut butter balls. I sprinkled a bit of thyme in each dish.... Bagged everything in family style portions with my food saver and gave each family at least 3 meals. My boss had Time to spend with his busy family. Our friends had Time to stitch or sew or read or relax or travel. I'm so glad we did this. Everyone was very appreciative. I'm planning next years menu! I will keep my eyes open for the perfect presentation containers during the year.

Photos for your viewing pleasure!

Ruby's tassel! I had planned to give Ruby a tassel along with her Christmas Ornament (see last post!), so this guy was on her gifty bag! We spent the day today with Bill & Ruby. We always enjoy our time with them.

Ruby collects Christmas Trees. Her display is so beautiful, I just had to share it with you.

I promised a picture of the lanai tree. I tried to get photos of the one and only Dallas Cowboys ornie, but it came out way to blurry! I'm sorry if I lead you to believe we had a bunch of them! Just one! Also just one University of Oklahoma ornie too! Those 2 are very special to me as they are the only ones my DH will put on the tree.....

Doesn't this just make you smile?? Miss Marissa, granddaughter of our friends we spent Christmas day with (little sister to Richard with the spoons in a previous post)! Miss Marissa got finger paints for Christmas. Miss Marissa thought it would be fun to finger paint her body while the rest of us ate our Christmas dinner!! We laughed so hard! Her Daddy had a hard time getting hold of her!

Saturday was the End of Year Stitching Party with Susan Greening Davis. We had a great time with a great project. I have finished all the stitching on the project piece. Now I have to put it together... I'm construction challenged, but hope to have this done done by the end of the month. Guess I should add it to my goals!

I have my Steamy Sunday Stitching ladies here this Sunday. I'm looking forward to this. Guess I will not start the diet until the 7th!

Thanks to all who have stopped by my blog & left comments. I love them! You guys are the best!!!

Stay safe! Be well! Stitch lots! Be happy!