Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Nothing could be finer than a 3 day weekend!
I have been stitching away on CDC. Here is the latest progress shot.

I am so in love with this piece! It's amazing to see the colors together. I am trying to figure out how to paint my bedroom ths color..... of course I am having a hard time convincing DH that any color, other than off white, is an acceptable color for interior walls....

Happy Valentine's Day from DH, my favorite smell, fresh lavender. I love this right in the kitchen window where I can touch and smell when I'm done with those horrible dishes!

And my gift to DH, his favorite, Hydrangea. We hope to be successful and plant this in the yard. I'm not sure it will survive, but we will enjoy it in the house as long as the blooms last.

Please take a minute and visit this webiste, watch the video, and, if you have a few extra coins in your pocket, donate to help the cause, March of Dimes. I have known Jamie since she was a young teen, she & my daughter are good friends. I have been keeping track of Miss Miracle Mollie's progress for most of the past year. I'm so proud of Jamie, and her strength and faith. She is a great mommie!

Well, in honor of President's Day, I'm off to buy new tires for my car. I have a 1pm appointment, my ipod and my latest read "The Russian Concubine" (thanks Deb!!) which I am really enjoying. My reward when I leave the tire shop will be a stop at the Golden Needle to see all the new items from Market and to pick up more Mermaid Shimmer for CDC.

It's a beautiful spring day on the Florida Gulf coast. High today is 82F. Rain expected later today. Come visit!
Enjoy your day! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A free weekend!

We were supposed to have company this weekend, so we spent every evening doing our usual weekend chores. We found out Friday afternoon that our friend was still in Michigan, thanks to another foot of snow! We were bummed that we didn't have company but excited that we had 2 whole days to do what ever we wanted. The result??? DH watched everything Daytona 500 & I stitched!!!
Progress picture on CDC:

Happy Valentine's Day finish. Smooches! A free pattern from several years ago.

Stitched 2 Kissing Pillows for a friend who departs for his second tour of duty in Kuwait...

Last weekend I got to help out at the Golden Needle annual Super Bowl Sale! I'm the official fiber fondeler! I can not wait to see what Cathy brings back from Nashville.

And something old to share. This is an older finish. I fell in love with this piece when I first saw it in the BHG magazine in the 90's. I lost my issue. Years later I was gifted with a box of old cross stitch magazines when my friend gave up stitching. I was so excited to find "the" issue in that box! My friend, Liz, lost her battle with cancer last month. I always think of her when I look at this piece!

I wish I could turn the clock back to Friday at 5pm! How come the weekends go twice as fast as 2 days of work??? I'm not ready to go back to the office time sucks... The good thing is it's one day closer to March 1 when my daughter & granddaughter arrive for a weeks visit! I can not wait!!! I get to be Mom & Gramma for 7 whole days! Cook for them. Do their laundry. Go shopping. Go to the beach. Kiss them good night. Kiss them good morning. See the light in their eyes. Hold them. I can not wait!!! Come on Monday!!!

I'm off to stitch for another hour~
Stay safe!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by!