Sunday, May 17, 2009

Camp Pictures!

We had a wonderful weekend. Wish you all could have joined us. Lord knows we had plenty of food!!!

Ruby, Linda & Julie are all settled in and stitching away.

Julie & Linda again. Linda brought her own chair from home. In her Mustang. In two pieces... See the cool little stand by Julie? She is so smart. She had a floor stand that she no longer used but liked the tray that was attached. Took the tray off and stuck it in the top of a candle holder and waaa laaaa... this cool organizer for stitching!

Stitchers stitching. Stitchers laughing. That's Ethel with the big smile. She is really a quilter, but became a needlepointer over the weekend...

Ethel is just waaayyy too serious. That only lasted for a few minutes... I think she was faking...

Chris brought this big beautiful bird project. She pretty much stayed in this position all weekend. I wish I would have taken before and after photos of everyones progress!

Gail, Carol Ann and Mary Jane were not the least bit distracted by the basket of munchies on the coffee table...

Barbara & Michelle, mother & daughter. They both got a lot of stitching in. Barbara got to camp late on Friday. She was on a cruise ship that had to stop and rescue some Cuban's from their sinking boat off the coast of Miami.

Saturday lunch salad spread.

This is what Linda's piece looked like on Friday afternoon.

This was what Linda's piece looked like on Saturday night.

Ruth and Ethel hard at work.

Our weekend project, created by Michelle. She made hardanger easy for all!

Julie taking a break Saturday evening.

Saturday dinner crew. Spaghetti with the fixings. Ruby, Miriam, Virginia, Sweet Charlotte and Chris.

We did a 50/50 draw, that ended up being a 50/25/25 draw because the winner offered to split with someone else. Julie was the second winner. She also won the cute little pink totebag too!

Our weekend went by way too fast. by the time we parted ways on Sunday, the meals were all planned for next year!

Sorry for the really bad photo. This is what I started at Camp and finished today at Rubys.

Blogger keeps freezing up my computer and is not being cooperative at all. I'm unable to run spellcheck, so sorry about all the errors.... A speller I am not!

Hope your week is wonderful! Stay safe & happy stitching!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Camp Stitch ~A~ Way

Starts tomorrow...
More later!!
Happy stitching!! Stay safe!!