Sunday, March 11, 2012

WIPocalypse Update for March

Can't show my progress for this month as I have been working away on my annual Christmas ornament since the last check in. I have a couple dozen to make so in order for me to keep some sort of sanity, I have to work on this project all year long... feels like I just finished the 2011 ornament!

A couple of weeks ago I completed the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Citizens' Police Academy. The Citizens' Police Academy is an 8 week (includes graduation) program designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Sheriff’s Office. Each session consists of eight consecutive weekly night classes at Sheriff’s Office facilities. The instruction is comprehensive and each week separate areas of the Sheriff’s Office are covered. I even got a diploma! Friday night I did my ride along with a couple of the officers from the department. Interesting stuff out there..... God bless the men and women of the Charlotte County Sheriff's Department. They earn every dime they make and then some...

That's all folks.... off to fix dinner, fold the laundry, prop my feet up and stitch some more tonight and back to the office grind tomorrow.... It's a busy week in Chamber land....

Thanks for stopping by and for all the wonderful comments!

Happy stitching! xoxo ~~m~~