Sunday, July 22, 2012

WIP check-in for July 2012

Good grief... this year is flying by! Not much to report stitching wise. I did start Paradise Lost and made about a weeks worth of progress. Put it away July 1, as I only stitch Christmas ornaments in July. Those are coming along quite well. No photos of Paradise Lost progress. When I think about getting my camera out, its cloudy and/or raining or it's dark. Not much to see anyway! I spent 10 wonderful days in Michigan with my daughter and her family. We didn't venture out much, all of us were content to stay home and play in her garden, or color, or play barbies, or play beauty shop, or play house, or play with play dough.... I think you get the picture! Just in case, here are a couple....few....several....a bunch!!
My lovely daughter Marla
Sweet grandson Kegan!
Granddaughter Callie, aka The CJ!
Callie, Kegan and their cousin Emma (aka Jelly Bean)
If Gramma is here, we are going to bake cookies and cupcakes with lots of frosting and sprinkles!!
After the chillin's got their fill of sugar, it was time for dress up!
The CJ had her 7th birthday and she wanted a fairy garden, so Gramma abliged!
The CJ gave me a pedicure!
Marla's garden.
Marla on her tractor doing her mowing chores!
The CJ slept with me. Little stinker. She looks all sweet and innocent here, but she is a cover thief, kicks and talks in tounges in the middle of the night.... I sure miss her!!
Dang... I miss her!!
Was super hard to say good bye at the airport! I got the hair braines idea the other day to organize an inventory my fibers.... dear God.... Don't think I will be buying any more floss for a while! Next stop... all the magazines and charts and books... But not anytime soon! Happy stitching!!