Monday, March 31, 2008

No Stitchin', friends, pets, green pools, the end of snowbird season, Easter and 40 years!

Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks at our house. No stitching to show, but stick around, I'll get back on it, once I finish the tax returns.... gotta buy Turbo Tax first....

News! I'm now a "pets" owner! Hahaha.... I have been wanting a dog. Maybe a Schnauzer? Maybe a Yorkie? Maybe a Pointer? Maybe another English Setter or how about a Chocolate Lab???? Every week my wants changed but the one thing that remained constant was: We just do not have the time to take care of a pet. It's not fair to adopt a new family member only for us to both be gone from home for 10+ hours a day. So...... a dinner trip to Cracker Barrel Friday night and look what I brought home with me:

My Schnauzer, Baxter and Miss Rippit, the Tree Frog. Both officially adopted at I picked up Baxter first, then found the tree frog & knew she had to come home with me. I also picked up a lovey for my secret sister at ABWA! Such fun. No mess, no shedding and I can take them to work and stitching with me!

I checked the pool Saturday morning. Ick! It was green!! One of the downfalls of keeping the solar cover on and having a couple days of heavy rain... A trip to the supply store for more chlorine and shock and algacide.... That's what happens when you ignore it for a couple of weeks. Looking good now, but I'm sure the chlorine level is strong enough to eat the suite right off your body...

Saturday morning I drove down to Coconut Point Mall south of Ft Myers and met up with Deb (Lavender Rose) and a fellow blogger, Lynn (Kearnel's Corner)that Deb has been stalking, I mean discovered, for a light lunch and some heavy visiting. What a fun time. We had lots of visiting and lots of laughing and we all brought stitching projects to share and oohhh and aahhhh over. There was never a lul in the conversation or the laughter! I stole this pictures from Deb's blog. {;^)

I'm the quiet one....Do you believe that??

The time went way too fast with Deb & Lynn. It was a fast drive back home, picked up Bruce & off to Englewood Beach to meet some friends for dinner in Venice at my most favorite place, Luna's! Lots of fun visiting and saying goodbye as they will be heading up north in a few days. Home late, quick house clean, up early Sunday morning to put a roast on & prepare for 11am guests from Ft Myers. Had a wonderful visit with Dr Jensen & Ardath. They are heading back north tomorrow. Again the day went too fast!

Easter was wonderful. We missed not spending it with our family, but sure enjoyed our Florida Family! Ate too much! Drank too much too....
RJ entertained us with his spoons again:


His Grandma couldn't be out done...!

Happy 40th anniversary to my brother & sis-in-law, Chuck & Cheryl! I'll miss your celebration, but will be there in spirit! Keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Love you guys!

This Sunday is Steamy Sunday Stitching! I'm looking forward to it! I need some time with my stitchy friends! Our food theme this month is Favorite Family Reunion Food! I'll take pictures!

Stay safe! Happy stitching!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


My daughter Marla, her boyfriend Rob, his son Kegan & Marla's daughter Callie.

Callie & Kegan with Ponce de Leon

A day at the beach!

Kegan relaxing on vacation!

Callie all dressed up and ready to go!

My girlfriends came by to see the kids, Suzanna, Patti & Callie swapping stories!

Gramma, Grampa, Kegan & Callie

I have a finish! This is a design from Susan Greening Davis. A cute little pouch to carry all my stitching tools from place to place.

CdC progress. Almost done!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can we slow things down a bit??

Seems like forever since I had the opportunity to post. All good reasons. We had our Friend Fawn from Michigan here for a short visit. It's always good to have her and she never stays as long as either of us would like. We visit and eat and visit and eat. We did make a trip to the local antique mall in town. This was the first time I had been in the restored train depot that now serves as our antique mall. The Historic Society did a wonderful job restoring this building. I spent a whopping $9 and purchased 3 pins I can wear on my business suits. Lots of sparkle and an easy way to update that basic black suite that I get soooo bored with!

Then.... Marla, Callie, Rob & Kegan came for a week. What a great time. I had missed my daughter so much! It's been a year! I was also very worried that Callie would not have any thing to do with me for the first couple of days. Not to worry, I was out the door the minute they pulled in the drive way and I could hear Callie giggling and calling for Gramma the minute I cleared the garage! She was out of that car and in my arms and was as excited as I was to see her. She was Grammas girl all week. Rob, the boyfriend was fun and polite and enjoyable.... all the things you hope for. His son Kegan is a great kid too. We sooooo enjoyed our visit. The time went way too fast. We spent one day at the beach. Marla, Rob & Kegan went to Busch Gardens for a day. Callie and I had the whole day alone together. We visited my office and with some friends, went shopping, took a nap, colored, played in the pool and played house (I was the doctor because her baby was sick & she used folded up washcloths as phones). I wish they were still here!

I have been slammed at work with tax season. I did enjoy the week off but have paid for it since with 10-11 hour days. Oh well.... I'm hoping HGTV is around the corner from my house Right now & I win that dream home in the Keys.... Dream on!

As for stitching, I have been working on CDC. The outside circles are all complete. Updated pictures of that soon!

Tomorrow is Bruce's birthday. I have a card, but no gift. Sigh.... guess I will be shopping during lunch tomorrow....

I spent today hooking up a wireless router and updating my laptop, installing a new security suite and figuring out the whole wireless thing. I'm proud to say I was successful! Our main computer bit the dust last weekend, spent 2 days at the computer hospital getting cleaned up and "speeded" up. Bruce has been working day and night to get caught up on his work too. Soooo all that being said, now I have no excuse to not update you on a regular basis. Sorry!

Crap, the HGTV lady has on gloves and a coat. I doubt she is around the corner from my house....

Callie was such a brave girl with the pool this year. We could not keep her out. Last year she would not have a thing to do with the pool (we blame in on the fact that 2 minutes after she got in last year, Grampa did a cannonball...)

Edited: The video did not upload either... sorry!

There is snow on the ground where the HGTV lady is...

I had photos all ready to upload and blogger failed. Will try again tomorrow.

Bedtime. I have to go to work tomorrow because the HGTV lady did not come to my house.... I owe....I owe...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Stay safe!