Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rainy Sunday

I really do stitch....

Progress as of this evening on Family Reunion

And Quaker Gone Tropic

Went to an All Day All Nighter Stitchy gathering Friday. Yes, I made it all night. Barely. Paid dearly for it yesterday. We had a blast. Ate a lot. Drank a little. Talked more than anything. Did I bring my camera? Well, yes. Did I take the time to take any photos? No. Maybe Ruby will send me some to share. Sorry about that.

I spent some time out in the garage today. I have half a dozen totes that I never unpacked when we moved down here over 7 years ago. Sad. I was looking for my older photo albums. Did not find them, but, found half a tote full of old cross stitch magazines and charts! Just like Christmas! I think the bulk of them are going to end up at the swap table at Camp. I wish you all could join us!

That's it from here. Nothing new to chat about. Stay safe! Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sorry to be MIA for so long, but that flu knocked me on my arss.... Back to normal, what ever that is

It's one thing to be too sick to go to work. Another to be too sick to stitch! I'm not fond of the later....

All better now. Thanks so much for your notes and calls! U R the best.

I have been working on Camp Stitch ~A~ Way. We have room for a few more campers. Anybody interested in a weekend of stitching, eating and yapping? Mother's Day weekend. Let me know! Fun will be had by all!

I finished our taxes today. Yippee skippee! Off to stitch on Tropical Quaker. It has been too long since I fondled the fibers...

Photos and more stuff later!
Happy stitching! Stay safe and be well!