Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Why start off a Memorial Day update with a photo of half an old water pump? This ole water pump is at the cemetary where my parents, fathers parents and their parents are buried. When we were kids, we always celebrated Memorial Day, aka Decoratin Day, at the small cemetary out in the country. We would cut flowers from home and head out early for the cemetary. Decorate the graves, usually would see other live relatives at the cemetary as well! My little brother and I would take turns pumping water from this pump and run all over the cemetary to water all the flowers others had left. My brothers, Duane, Jim & Chuck went out today to decoare the family graves & Duane sent me a few photos. I was saddened to see that the pump is not working any longer, but, glad to see it's still there.

Stitching updates!

This is the project from Camp Stitch ~~A~~ Way. I finished this week. I love sea horses and I love this, designed especailly for camp by my dear friend Marleen. It was a fun stitch. The piece was designed to be finished as a project minder. As soon as I get the courage to put the gromet in, it will be done!

The back side to the Camp piece.

I'm sad that the holiday weekend is over. Bruce & I were going to make a road trip this weekend and see some parts of the state we have yet to experience. I have not been to Lake "O" yet.... He has not been to St Augustine. As the weekend got closer and the gas prices kept rising and the fire continued to burn at Lake O... we decided to enjoy our time at home. Saturday we did yard work, ran the power washer and cleaned the pool. Sunday was "recover from Saturday day" (the heat and humidity and the fact that we are not 20 anymore really got the best of us!) and this morning I did all the house work. All in all it was a great weekend. We spent time in the pool each day, didn't use more than a gallon of gas running to the grocery store and neither of us is ready to go back to work tomorrow. Dummy me, I scheduled fasting bloodwork for 7a.m. tomorrow, so I'm not allowed to eat or drink for the rest of the night. I'm not a snacker and it's only 45 minutes past the "cut off" time and I'm craving chips, m & m's, carrots, pop, coffee..... I better get my hands busy stitching!

Here is the latest CdC update. I'm almost done! I'm excited and sad at the same time! I have really really loved stitching on this!

Callie 6/1/2005

Callie is almost 3!

Happy birthday Callie! You are the cat's meow!

Stay safe!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally rested up, I think!

Camp was a blast! It was so much fun to spend the weekend with the ladies and stitch and laugh and laugh and eat and stitch and talk and eat and shop! Not much sleeping....
The photos in the post below:

1. King Tut, peyote beading project completed by Dr. Patty. He was the only guy at camp....

2. Linda,shopping at the stash swap table

3. Ruby and Carol Ann sharing a laugh!

4. Ruby and Dr. Patty with Tut...

5. Linda, Michelle, Sharon, Eileen stitching away.

6. Mary Jane & Carol Ann stitching

7. Miriam, Carolyn, Eleanor & Malinda working on a beading bracelet.

8. Nicole, Miriam, Mary Jane, Julie, Mary Lou playing a game of LCR for floss!

9. Jean, Eleanor, Marleen, Linda and others stitching!

10. Chow time!!

It was a great weekend. The ladies were a joy. The local shops that supported us, Golden Needle, Quilts 'n More and The Bead Room were awesome. The projects that were worked on (and that some completed!) were beautiful. The facility was perfect. As a whole, we were able to make a contribution to Habitat in excess of $1200!!!! I can't wait to do it again!

New news

My finish for the week. Lizzy Kate "Home is where Our Story Begins". This is the current give back to the community project from Golden Needle. Stitched with DMC floss on Rustico fabric. These will be presented to the local Habitat New Home owners. Quick stitch and I love the sentiment!

Yesterday I took a beading class from Amy Loh-Kupser and made this beautiful bracelet. I'm not a beading fan, but she was a great teach and had TONS of patience with me! Not so sure she truly appreciated my sense of humor when I asked Malinda why she didn't just glue the beads to the wooden needle holder instead of peyote - ing them..... Amy has some beautiful things. Check out her website at
I'm in love with her seahorse amulet bag, just not sure I have the patience to try peyote again after flunking out earlier this year on the bracelet I posted a photo of here on Oct 28.....

Same bracelet being modeled by Miss Rippit....who, by the way, was a great camp guess. She spend a lot of time with the different ladies as the did the reverse stitch....

The mail this week included a graduation announcement for my great niece Emily. Isn't she beautiful??? Looks like her mom & her dad! Sure does make me feel old when the great niece's are graduating from high school.... Congratulations Emily & best wishes.... make sure to save Auntie M back stage passes when you make the big time!

Not much else new. We are trying to enjoy the ACM awards tonight but Comcast seems to think we don't want to watch them, the picture and the sound keeps cutting out.... We still need rain. Work is still work. This week is stitch night at Golden Needle on Wednesday and EGA dinner meeting on Thursday. I'm currently stitching on the commemorative project Marleen designed for camp (I love it!!!). Hope to have a picture to post next weekend.

Stay safe!
Happy stitching!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Camp brief

Wow oh wow oh wow! I'm whipped so tired I doubt I will sleep tonight either! Camp was a blast. I think I made 25 stitches..... but I had such a good time with the girls! Here are a few photos to share and details to follow when my fingers type what my brain is really thinking!

I'll add details to the photos soon, but, if you are inclined, how about making up your own words to the story??? Looking forward to your comments!
Oh, and dear Nicole has awesome photos over on her blog. See the link on my sidebar.

Happy stitching!