Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ok, the "rule" is I must work on my peyote bracelet at EGA.... soooo, here is this weeks progress! Only another 3, or 4 inches to go!

Our EGA "Dress as a Stitch" night was a hoot....

We had the following stitches present at the meeting:
2 Queen stitch
A Box Stitch
A Lazy Daisy Stitch
A Long Armed Cross Stitch
A Feather Stitch
A Chained Feather Stitch
The Frog Stitch rip-it rip-it
A Sheaf Stitch
A Half Stitch
Hardanger Stitches

I almost finished 3 more Christmas ornaments this week. No photos as they are gifts! Hehehe...

And.... I am honored to have received the "you make me smile award" from Teejay and from Deborah (find links to their blogs on my side bar). Thank you ladies! I'm supposed to pass this award on to others who make me smile.... You all do! Thanks for your support, encouragement & most of all welcoming me to the blogging world!
Once I figure out how to make these links work on my posts.... I'm so techno challenged!
Off to bed. It's going to be another busy week, but one week from today is Steamy Sunday Stitching! I can't wait!
Be safe & don't have too many tricks or treats for Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tassels Anyone??

Whew.... I think all 15 students had a good time & enjoyed their tassel lesson! No one yelled at me and no one left the room crying!
This is a picture of my international student! She came all the way from England to take my tassel class.... (Ok, she happened to be coming to the area on vacation at the same time....) Carol taught us all how to make our own hand made cording, without using the battery powered twisty thingy that I use. Her cording is nice and tight and beautimus! Thank you!!

My studious students! They worked soooo hard! I hope I get to see all their finished tassels. The color combinations were awesome. Every time I went to the fiber & bead table I found another color combo I **must** do!

Sweet Anita, she is making the most fun color combo... my favorite slimy limey green with hot pink beads!

Another class will be planned soon. We think right after the first of the year. Watch this site, and for details.

On the stitching front. I became very bored with Nepi today, so I started another Christmas ornament, cut the fabric for They Came from Afar, 2 more Callie quilt blocks and 2 Multiplication Tables. I now have a basket full of started or ready to start projects. What is wrong with me????

Enjoy your week! It will be a busy one...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Had to share....

My 2 day meeting for work was awesome! It's really wonderful to network with others who do what you do. I have to share a story....

My job is customer service. I'm the Senior Branch Office Administrator (BOA) for an international investment firm (Edward Jones). We sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cds, annuities, life insurance, long term care, banking services (credit cards/money market/debit cards/mortgages).... all the stuff that makes most peoples eyes glaze over (including mine!). I'm responsible for everything in the branch office, with the exception of soliciting orders. Our office structure is, for the most part, one broker (Financial Advisor) and one BOA. My FA is also the Regional Leader for Southwest Florida. Because of this leadership position, and the fact that we are a very productive office, we have an additional BOA. I serve, informally (only because we have not set up a formal program....yet), as a mentor for the new BOAs in our area. I'm a life line/phone-a-friend/supporter/encourager, kinda like the mom! Several years ago, we helped another new FA get started in the business by giving him a place to work in our back room, teaching him the business, supporting, and providing some accounts to manage. He has since moved on to his own office and is doing quite well. He hired a new BOA 9 months ago and I made a point to call and introduce myself to her on her first day in the office and encouraged her to call me if she every had questions or needed support or encouragement. She called me.... lots! But that's ok. I meant it when I reached out to her. She was always so sweet & thankful for everything. No big deal, I'm just doing my job, a job I love with an awesome company. If one succeeds, we all succeed....

One thing we do in our community each month during the school year is we honor 2 senior students at the local high school as "Student of the Month". It's simple, We asked the principal to give us the name of one female and one male student who has shown good citizenship/stewardship qualities. The school will give me some background on the student, why they were chosen, what they like about the High School, what their future plans are... I print up a certificate on certificate paper, put it in a $3 frame from WalMart, we go to the High School, make a big deal out of these kids, present the certificate, meet the family, take a few pictures and go on about our day. I love SOM day, because these kids, usually, are not the star athlete or the high honor student or the one that gets the lead in the play. They are "just" kids... It always just feels good...

Are you tired of reading yet? I'm sorry, but I want to give you lots of background, so you can understand why this is just soooo awesome! You might want to stop now & get a tissue before you continue.

Our company mission / goal is Customer Service Excellence. How can we make a difference in our customers lives? How can we motivate them to come back? How can we get them to refer their friends and family? How can we retain them?

This was the discussion led by my FA yesterday afternoon. Part of his presentation was this video: Johnny the Bagger

***Please stop reading and watch this short video now.... tissue handy....***

After the video, my FA told the story about one of our Students of the Month from several years ago. A young man name Robert, with Down Syndrome. Robert made a difference with his fellow class mates and the school administration. He was recognized because he went out of his way to help those with disabilities in the class room. be it tieing some ones shoes, giving them a pat on the back for accomplishing something, holding the door, encouraging, offering a smile ... After the award presentation, we went to meet the families. Roberts grandparents came from Canada to see their grandson get is certificate in the $3 WalMart frame..... because they wouldn't miss is for anything....because Robert made a difference in their lives in ways on one could ever imagine....


At this point in my FA's presentation, the lady sitting across the isle from me leans over and grasps my arm and sobs.... "That is MY Robert, My son"......
I'm toast... We are both standing in the middle of a room with 45 women & one man... sobbing.... The lady? The new, 9 month tenure BOA from earlier in this story, my mentee....

Of course, this is the point where my FA says, "Martha, can you come up and update us on the BOA mentoring program"..... Sure....sob... ok..... sob.... I said, to him, and the group.... "I just learned this, the young man you just told us about, is the son of our very own Katherin".... sob.....sniffle..... you should have heard the collective gasp from the room.... Amazing...

I composed my self, somewhat...sniffle....sob.... gave my little talk on BOA mentoring and why it is important to the new BOA's, the seasoned BOA, the Firm, and most of all the clients... Couldn't have had a better lead in if it had been all planned.... had more than half the room volunteer to do what ever they could...

Isn't it funny how, at the most unexpected times, things can come full circle???

Go get a tissue. I'm all out!

P.S. Tassel class tomorrow! Details following....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Stitching!

Jamaica Deb is finished... except for some buttons around the sun. Not sure I will get them, or, make some more french knots! I loved the colors in this Sunflower Seed chart. Stitching on the Midas Cashel Linen was an added bonus!

Forever Yours.... by Cedar Hill. I am only lacking the words. I thought I had every GAST. Guess what one I am missing.... Verigated khaki. The hearts were fun to stitch. I think **one** of my most favorite color combos is khaki and red (DMC 221). I'm anxious to finish this and then try my hand at finishing this in a pinkeep style that I can hang on the wall (if that makes a whole lot of sense!). Will let you know how that little experiment goes!

I started Lynne Nicoletti's Neptune Poseidon last night. I'm stitching "Nepi" on Silkweavers 28ct Lugana "Splash". Love the name. This one will take me a while.

My next start will be From The East. Thanks Teejay for your kind words! I'm going to stitch this as one piece. I'm off to Golden Needle on Saturday to teach my tassel class, so I will get the fabric I need for this, along with the GAST for Forever and.... I'm sure more stuff too!

I tried to get a photo of my peyote bracelet I'm working on at the EGA stitch-in, but I can't get a decent photo. I will keep trying. I think I only have 3 inches done, so this one will take a while. Oh.... speaking of EGA... our second October meeting is "Dress as a Stitch".... We are to each dress as a stitch... It's been fun trying to come up with different ideas. Dress in black and white, be a nun stitch... Wear black leather & carry a whip & be a whip stitch... Ruby said she was going to dress as an away knot and just not come...

I'm off to Sarasota FL for a conference (work related) Thursday & Friday. I'm looking forward to being out of the office and getting to network with others in my position. I have a presentation to make Thursday afternoon. Once I get past that it will great!

Fall is in the air. The pool temp was down to 85 degrees F. yesterday afternoon. I'm looking forward to the end of hurricane season. Stay safe! See you next week!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome Desirae Nicole

I'm a great aunt again! Meet Desi, born 10/09/07. Hope I get to see her before she is grown... Mom and baby are fine.
Geesh, my baby brother is a grandpa, again... I'm really feeling old....


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Stitching

What a wonderful day! I'm miserable because I ate so much.....
Here is a group photo of the Steamy Sunday Stitching Group!
Front row r to l:
Me, Eleanor, Malinda, Gigi, Nicole, Dr. Patti.
Back row r to l:
Sarah, Edith, Ruby, Charlotte, Julia, Deb & Carolyn

Finished the Santa ornament. Added arms to Jamaica Deb. The girls helped me lay out Callie's baby quilt & "they" decided I need to stitch 2 more babies to make it come out right..... So I know that will not be getting done anytime real soon.... Maybe it will make an excellent graduation gift....

I so love my time with my stitching buddies. The day goes way too fast & I am sad when they leave. I'm already looking forward to November. We picked the menu! Baked potato bar! Wish you could all come join us! There is always room for more & plenty of food!

Oh Jane.... Deb, Eleanor, Julia & I are going to do a stitch-along with the pumpkins! You have to join us! I don't think we will start till after the first of the year??!!

Stay safe ! Happy stitching!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Night...

And tomorrow is Steamy Sunday Stitching! I can't wait! I made veggie soup for the ladies tomorrow. Nicole is coming! It's been so long since I have got to stitch with her. The camera will be out!

Been a long couple of weeks. Not the best of times. Momma always said if you don't have anything nice to say to just keep your mouth closed, sooooo I guess that's about all I will say! It's onward and upward from here. I did learn an extremely expensive lesson tho, if you make a verbal contract with anyone, no matter how close a relative or how good a friend, do both of you a favor and get it in writing....

Stitching!!!! I have been stitching! Looky-looky!
1. A finish! "A Very Merry Christmas" by JBW Design. This is a Christmas gift for someone....
2. A progress photo, I should finish this tomorrow. From this years Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue, "The Santa In The Moon" by Twisted Oaks Design.
3. Another progress photo: "Jamaica Deb" by The Sunflower Seed. I love the colors in this. Right now, I want to call her Nessa Rose....(I'm reading Wicked!!) Her arms will come soon.
4. This will be my next (maybe!) start, "From The East" by Astor Place. I have had this pattern for eons and can't decide if I want to stitch it as charted, or, stitch each King individually??? And make pillows??? I'm 99% sure, now, I think... I will stitch as charted. Let me know what you would do if you were me....

I may falter and start the Glendon Place pumpkins... I'm soooo in love with that piece too...

Last night we had a wonderful evening! It was very much needed after the last week. We (dear hubby & I) went to dinner with 3 other stitchers and their husbands! It was so much fun and the pizza place, Nino's, in Ft Myers was the best pizza I have ever had. Julia & Sam, Eleanor & Alan, and Deb (Lavender Rose) & Anthony had a great time getting to know each other, eating, laughing, talking about stitching... I'm sure Deb will post photos on her blog!

My little girl, Marla, turned 28 this week. I'm still finding it hard to believe. Just yesterday she was a baby... I just can't believe she is 28.... Several months ago we were talking on the phone & she was telling me all about this new, wonderful man in her life, he does this for a living, he drives that, he has worked at his job for this many years, he owns this, he owns that.... blah blah blah.... and I say to her "Marla, how OLD is this guy anyway?"..... She replied, "He's 32." I replied: "MARLA JANE!".... silence.....then......she replied..... "Mother, I'm 27." I replied "Oh." I'm thinking I'm having this conversation with my 16-17 year old child.... sigh..... I miss her tons! Love her more.

Off to finish my laundry, get a few stitches in & tidy up a bit for tomorrow. More later! Stay safe!