Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tassels Anyone??

Whew.... I think all 15 students had a good time & enjoyed their tassel lesson! No one yelled at me and no one left the room crying!
This is a picture of my international student! She came all the way from England to take my tassel class.... (Ok, she happened to be coming to the area on vacation at the same time....) Carol taught us all how to make our own hand made cording, without using the battery powered twisty thingy that I use. Her cording is nice and tight and beautimus! Thank you!!

My studious students! They worked soooo hard! I hope I get to see all their finished tassels. The color combinations were awesome. Every time I went to the fiber & bead table I found another color combo I **must** do!

Sweet Anita, she is making the most fun color combo... my favorite slimy limey green with hot pink beads!

Another class will be planned soon. We think right after the first of the year. Watch this site, and for details.

On the stitching front. I became very bored with Nepi today, so I started another Christmas ornament, cut the fabric for They Came from Afar, 2 more Callie quilt blocks and 2 Multiplication Tables. I now have a basket full of started or ready to start projects. What is wrong with me????

Enjoy your week! It will be a busy one...


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Yay!! Your class looks really fun, and I'm glad it went off without a hitch or loose stitch! Everyone looks so concentrated! I'm signing up for the next one!

Nicole said...

It does look fun! I'm going to sign up for the next one too! :)