Sunday, August 7, 2011

Houston... We Have A Finish !!!!

Ladies & Gentleman... after 31 months and 8 days of labor, I have finished Family Reunion Sampler by Rosewood Manor. Stitched on 28 count joblen waterlilies with DMC threads. This was a joy to work on and I am sad to see it end.

What's next??? Several things.... of course! Tonight I started Brightneedle's "Lo How A Rose" from the 2001 Better Homes and Gardens Celebrations in Stitches. Logged one hour on the project. Yesterday to celebrate the anticipated finish of Family Reunion Sampler, I went to Golden Needle and came home with the fabric (31" x 25" cut of 28 count Amber linen) Floss (DMC) and chart to stitch Christmas-Quaker by Stickideon von der Wiehenburg. I have wanted to stitch this piece for a couple of years. Tomorrow I will make my working copy of the chart and start on it soon. Can you believe the chart calls for 17 skeins of DMC 777? Holy Moly! Also in the bag (started) is Charlotte's Sampler, I am stitching it on black 28 count evenweave and it is going to be beautiful! Yup... some things never change, I shall always be the "Queen of Starts"!

If anyone is still following this blog, I apologize for the lenght between posts. The last couple years were tuff ones on the job, but I left that toxic environment in February and started a new job. Life is good!!!
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Thanks for hanging in there! ~~ xoxo ~~