Monday, January 26, 2009

No stitching but some great cheap S.E.X.

Wonder how many hits on the old blog counter that title will get me???

Yup, no stitching to speak of for me this week. No real good reason other than it was so bloomin' cold I couldn't keep warm and stitch! One morning when I left for work, the widows on the truck were covered with frost. I have no ice scraper. Worse yet, I have no gloves or mittens any more. I started the truck, turned on the defrost, came back inside, got a pair of socks out of the drawer, slugged back another cup of coffee, put the socks on my hands and off to work I went in a toasty warm truck. I do not miss the days of warming up the car, scraping windows and getting all bundled up to go outside at all. 1 or 2 days a year, I can deal with.

Great cheap S.E.X.?? My EGA Chapter held their annual luncheon on Saturday. This year they did a tea cup auction, a live auction and a silent auction. All stitchy related things. I don't have pictures so trust me.... I won the following:

From the tea cup auction:
A cool little project tote made by Yazzii
A box of misc dmc floss
Misc heart themed charts by Heart in Hand, Lizzie Kate, Elizabeth's Designs, Homespun Elegance
A cute red tote bag

From the silent auction:
A hand made blue fuzzy knit scarf (I needed that last week!) $8
Bent Creek Blue Bird Kit $4
New Shepherds Bush Baby Bug Ball (this has been on my want list for years!) $8
Silver Needle Secret Needle Night Peppermint Santa w/ the finishing kit! $3
Silver Needle Secret Needle Night Let It All Hang Out w/ the finishing kit! $3
And the best.... 5 peyote angle ornaments!! $40

a great lunch and lots of laughs with the ladies! All in all a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

Yesterday was the laundry/housework day. One of those days when I feel like I did more damage than good. Don't ya just hate those kind of days? I'm obsessed when it comes to cleaning my tile. I vacuum, then I scrub brush scrub, then I mop clean, then I dry. Too much work! I only to the baths, kitchen and family room every week, the other rooms get the scrub/mop job "as needed". Sunday afternoon late, I had just finished the floors. Bruce was being a dear and was going to fix me a glass of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. He took the pitcher from the fridge and lost his grip and it fell to the floor and EXPLODED all over the kitchen. All I could do was laugh. We got that all cleaned up and then an hour later, I was fixing supper. I had the spice cabinet open and in my haste I knocked a brand new jar of Emerill's seasoning out and it EXPLODED when it hit the floor! Egad! What a mess! Once that was cleaned up and dinner was over with we both sat back and said "I'm not touching anything for the rest of the night!" And we didn't!
I am concerned that Bruce is having problems hanging on to things lately. He is making a point to pick things up with both hands now.

So, there you have it. Great cheap S.E.X. and no stitching...
More later! Stay tuned! I promise pictures of something next time!
Happy stitching! Stay safe! Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo ~~Martha~~

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Family Reunion

I just love Monday holidays! The down side is they go by way too fast! Last night at bedtime I reminded DH that today was a holiday and I did not have to get up so don't wake me up in the morning. I was up at 1am with the stomach/acid reflux crap. Back to sleep at 4am. I heard DH up and messing around at 6am, but fell back asleep. At 7am I heard a crash and glass shatter.... I tried to ignore it... thinking I could fall back asleep... until he turned on the vacuum cleaner.... My first words to him as I stood in the kitchen door way with my hands on my hips were: "What part of don't wake me up did you not understand?"..... He laughed! Oh well, at least he cleaned up the mess and did a good job too! He got his coffee cup out of the cabinet and lost his grip. Ceramic tile floors are not kind to anything that gets dropped on them. Then it was off to the Imaging Center for a 6 month followup on my mammogram. All clear for another 6 months. Thank goodness! I ran into Dillard's. Lots of good sales, but I need a couple of conservative business suites. No luck. The ones that I liked were all size 4. Or purple. Or pink. I stopped at the Scrapbook Store. Lots of cool stuff there and the ladies were so nice. I am NOT going to start another hobby! Met DH for lunch. Went to Habitat and did the paperwork and left the deposit for Camp Stitch A Way~~Part 2! Back home, putzed around in my closet for a while. Looked at the dust on the dinning room table. Resisted the urge to write "Dust Me" on it. Walked away. Surfed the WWW. Before I knew it DH was home! Wow. The day went fast! I have yet to take a stitch.

Here is my progress for the week on Family Reunion. I did not stitch on anything else this week. Ruby came over Saturday morning at 9am. We were going to spend the day stitching. Made a "quick" run to Joann's. Back home in time for lunch. Stitched for a couple hours until she had to go home. I felt so bad for her. She is stitching Rosewood Manors A Forest Grew. She started this on New Years. The first of the week she knocked her Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper over and soaked her piece. She worked and worked to get it clean. She took it out to show me her progress first thing Saturday morning...

She had started in the top left of the chart, but had turned her fabric a quarter turn... We discussed options. First thought was to rip all that stitching out. Voted that down. She decided to square off what she has stitched, frame that, get another cut of fabric and start all over. Ugh. Better to discover it now and not when she ran out of fabric! Poor Ruby!

Hope all your starts are in the right place! Happy stitching! Thanks for stopping by and all your kind words! I love visitors!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Summary

A day late...
I have to admit I felt a tad bit lost not starting something new yesterday! Here is my progress on Family Tree. I'm loving stitching on this. Each little motif/frame is like a mini finish! The chart is divided into 12 sections and so far I am finished with 2 sections. I'm going to wait to place the initials/verses until I am done. I did put Ruby's initials in the first completed frame to honor our 2009 New Year start.

Sorry for the bad photo. I didn't take the time to iron!

I also stitched a bit this week on the Quaker Friendship piece. This is a fun stitch too! Again, sorry for the lousy picture!

Bummed about the football game. Oh well, there is always next year.
Off to stitch for a bit and then off to la la land!
Happy stitching! Stay safe! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game night!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last in, first out!

Last finish for 2008:

M Design Bluebird of Happiness JCS Ornament Issue 2008

First finish for 2009:

Mosey and Me Santa's Trimming JCS Ornament Issue 2004

My First 2009 Start:

Rosewood Manor Family Reunion
Started 01 01 2009

Round Robin Progress:

Quaker Friendship Lynda's piece.

Stitched these Christmas week:

Started and finished 01 03 2009:

Alaura's first Christmas Ornament. Yes, I'm a bit behind! I want to get all the Grandkids ornaments caught up this year.

I did nothing but cook and stitch this weekend! I loved every minute of it!
I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow. Not sure how I'm going to deal with working 5 full days a week!
Stay safe! Happy stitching! Thanks for stopping by!


I'm going to delete this from my sidebar:
07/03/2008 This Heart of Mine Ink Circles Blue combo ----COMPLETED
07/06/2008 Sea Horse Box from the Gift of Stitching
07/07/08 This Heart of Mine Ink Circles Orange combo COMPLETED 072808
07/13/2008 Love Ornament from Just Cross Stitch
07/20/2008 Road to Bethlehem Shepherd's Bush
07/27/2008 Love You by Hobb Nobb Designs COMPLETED 072708
08/03/2008 Multiplication Table by Carriage House Samplings
08/10/2008 Multiplication Table by Carriage House Samplings, Number 2 AND America Land That I Love-Kentucky
08/17/2008 America Land That I Love-Louisiana-sorry, distracted by Fay events today!
08/24/2008 Mosey N Me Santa Trimmings ---COMPLETED 01 02 09
08/31/2008 NATS Santa Slice & Susan Greening Davis Needle Nook
09/07/2008 In the Pocket Susan Greening Davis
09/14/2008 Summer Name Tag Susan Greening Davis
09/21/2008 Alaura's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey COMPLETED
09/28/2008 Quaker Friendship Sampler, Samplers and Such
10/05/2008 Callie's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey. COMPLETED
10/12/2008 Tassel for EGA Holiday Basket Raffel White & Green. COMPLETED
10/19/2008 Trey's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey. COMPLETED
10/26/2008 Jordyn & Kegan's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey 2 starts on the same day!! Both COMPLETED
11/02/2008 Kathy's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey. COMPLETED
11/09/2008 RJ's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartfelt Harvey. COMPLETED
11/16/2008 Marissa's Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament Issue Heartflet Harvey. COMPLETED
11/23/2008 EGA Ornament Exchange by Glory Bee, Blackwork Noel. COMPLETED
11/30/2008 Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Ornament for someone special-COMPLETED
12/07/2008 Christmas Ornament from 2008 JCS Last one!-COMPLETED
12/14/2008 Bluebird Ornament fro 2008 JCS ---COMPLETED 12 31 2008
12/21/2008 Reindeer by Daffycat ------ 6 COMPLETED 12 25 2008
12/28/2008 Susan Greening Davis Whitman Tin & Quaker Friendship Round Robin Lynda's Piece