Monday, January 26, 2009

No stitching but some great cheap S.E.X.

Wonder how many hits on the old blog counter that title will get me???

Yup, no stitching to speak of for me this week. No real good reason other than it was so bloomin' cold I couldn't keep warm and stitch! One morning when I left for work, the widows on the truck were covered with frost. I have no ice scraper. Worse yet, I have no gloves or mittens any more. I started the truck, turned on the defrost, came back inside, got a pair of socks out of the drawer, slugged back another cup of coffee, put the socks on my hands and off to work I went in a toasty warm truck. I do not miss the days of warming up the car, scraping windows and getting all bundled up to go outside at all. 1 or 2 days a year, I can deal with.

Great cheap S.E.X.?? My EGA Chapter held their annual luncheon on Saturday. This year they did a tea cup auction, a live auction and a silent auction. All stitchy related things. I don't have pictures so trust me.... I won the following:

From the tea cup auction:
A cool little project tote made by Yazzii
A box of misc dmc floss
Misc heart themed charts by Heart in Hand, Lizzie Kate, Elizabeth's Designs, Homespun Elegance
A cute red tote bag

From the silent auction:
A hand made blue fuzzy knit scarf (I needed that last week!) $8
Bent Creek Blue Bird Kit $4
New Shepherds Bush Baby Bug Ball (this has been on my want list for years!) $8
Silver Needle Secret Needle Night Peppermint Santa w/ the finishing kit! $3
Silver Needle Secret Needle Night Let It All Hang Out w/ the finishing kit! $3
And the best.... 5 peyote angle ornaments!! $40

a great lunch and lots of laughs with the ladies! All in all a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

Yesterday was the laundry/housework day. One of those days when I feel like I did more damage than good. Don't ya just hate those kind of days? I'm obsessed when it comes to cleaning my tile. I vacuum, then I scrub brush scrub, then I mop clean, then I dry. Too much work! I only to the baths, kitchen and family room every week, the other rooms get the scrub/mop job "as needed". Sunday afternoon late, I had just finished the floors. Bruce was being a dear and was going to fix me a glass of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. He took the pitcher from the fridge and lost his grip and it fell to the floor and EXPLODED all over the kitchen. All I could do was laugh. We got that all cleaned up and then an hour later, I was fixing supper. I had the spice cabinet open and in my haste I knocked a brand new jar of Emerill's seasoning out and it EXPLODED when it hit the floor! Egad! What a mess! Once that was cleaned up and dinner was over with we both sat back and said "I'm not touching anything for the rest of the night!" And we didn't!
I am concerned that Bruce is having problems hanging on to things lately. He is making a point to pick things up with both hands now.

So, there you have it. Great cheap S.E.X. and no stitching...
More later! Stay tuned! I promise pictures of something next time!
Happy stitching! Stay safe! Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo ~~Martha~~


Kathy said...

Good thing you are not in Kansas anymore. We have had lots of cold this year. Right now light snow here, but further south it is ice.

Your luncheon sounds like fun and you made quite a haul.

I can identify with your accidents on the kitchen floor. Had similar thing happen to me,but it was grape juice on a hardwood floor. It was a sticky mess. You know as we get older the grip in our hands can dimenish. I know that mine has.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Man!! I'm sorta glad I'm havin' to stay away from you right now, Martha!!! :p
I can just see you laughing and falling all over that Crystal Light floor with Bruce!! :)
Missed the Sat. luncheon...I picked another health upper resp. virus from Anthony that is now in the 3rd week. I keep thinking I'll be well one of these days. Suppose all of you have forgotten me. I've not heard from anyone except Carolyn!! I posted the progress on your QFSRR today.
Hugs, Deb

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Just had to write on this one, Martha. The word verification is: palin

Bette said...

Sounds like you got some lovely stash. How about having your DH leave a half gallon of icecream out all night and coming down to find it the next morning? I can sure relate to the Crystal Light!