Monday, January 19, 2009

More Family Reunion

I just love Monday holidays! The down side is they go by way too fast! Last night at bedtime I reminded DH that today was a holiday and I did not have to get up so don't wake me up in the morning. I was up at 1am with the stomach/acid reflux crap. Back to sleep at 4am. I heard DH up and messing around at 6am, but fell back asleep. At 7am I heard a crash and glass shatter.... I tried to ignore it... thinking I could fall back asleep... until he turned on the vacuum cleaner.... My first words to him as I stood in the kitchen door way with my hands on my hips were: "What part of don't wake me up did you not understand?"..... He laughed! Oh well, at least he cleaned up the mess and did a good job too! He got his coffee cup out of the cabinet and lost his grip. Ceramic tile floors are not kind to anything that gets dropped on them. Then it was off to the Imaging Center for a 6 month followup on my mammogram. All clear for another 6 months. Thank goodness! I ran into Dillard's. Lots of good sales, but I need a couple of conservative business suites. No luck. The ones that I liked were all size 4. Or purple. Or pink. I stopped at the Scrapbook Store. Lots of cool stuff there and the ladies were so nice. I am NOT going to start another hobby! Met DH for lunch. Went to Habitat and did the paperwork and left the deposit for Camp Stitch A Way~~Part 2! Back home, putzed around in my closet for a while. Looked at the dust on the dinning room table. Resisted the urge to write "Dust Me" on it. Walked away. Surfed the WWW. Before I knew it DH was home! Wow. The day went fast! I have yet to take a stitch.

Here is my progress for the week on Family Reunion. I did not stitch on anything else this week. Ruby came over Saturday morning at 9am. We were going to spend the day stitching. Made a "quick" run to Joann's. Back home in time for lunch. Stitched for a couple hours until she had to go home. I felt so bad for her. She is stitching Rosewood Manors A Forest Grew. She started this on New Years. The first of the week she knocked her Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper over and soaked her piece. She worked and worked to get it clean. She took it out to show me her progress first thing Saturday morning...

She had started in the top left of the chart, but had turned her fabric a quarter turn... We discussed options. First thought was to rip all that stitching out. Voted that down. She decided to square off what she has stitched, frame that, get another cut of fabric and start all over. Ugh. Better to discover it now and not when she ran out of fabric! Poor Ruby!

Hope all your starts are in the right place! Happy stitching! Thanks for stopping by and all your kind words! I love visitors!


Kathy said...

I got tired just reading what all you did today. Fun days when you don't have to go to work. Can easily fritter away the day and feel like nothing was done. Hope you get some stitching done before the end of the day.

Sorry for Ruby's issues. Sounds like you found a good solution.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ohhhh nooo! I'd be just heartbroken to hear what happened to Ruby!

Your family reunion is looking good!