Sunday, September 28, 2008

A contest!

Hello friends and neighbors! Happy Sunday!
I have not kept track of my bloggerversary. I have not kept track of the number of posts I have made. Sorry I'm such a slacker! But, to make up for all that.... How about a little fun???
I stitched an ornament from the 2008 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue last Sunday as my SSNES project. It is going to be the "mystery ornament". What I would like for you to do is leave a message on this post. Tell me what ornament you think I chose to stitch for my grandchildren this year. Please post by 10/15/08. I will draw the lucky winner on 10/16/08. The winner will receive the same ornament stitched and finished by me, that I have chosen to do for my wonderfully perfect grandchildren! On 10/16/08, I will also post a picture of the SSNES project from last week. Ahhhh... a mystery and fun and games.

Today, for my SSNES project, I started Quaker Friendship Sampler by Samplers and such. I'm stitching this on tan 28 count evenweave with black DMC. I love the black and tan color combo. I'm participating in a round robin with 4 other ladies that starts the first of the year. I'm looking forward to stitching with them in 2009!

The past couple of weeks, work has been a bear. I've been putting in 12 hour days and still can't keep up. I doubt things will change for a while. Yesterday, Ruby & I went to Golden Needle for a little R & R and some therapy! It was wonderful to get away but even better to spend time with Ruby! We have both fallen in love with this:

Rosewood Manor Family Reunion
We will start stitching this on Jan. 1 and this will be our BAP for the year. I have been worried about my SSNES commitment, but, it's my game, so I will start a new motif every Sunday on the Family Reunion project. OK by y'all??

Ruby and I also fell in love with this....

Rosewood Manor Season of Trees.
This may be the BAP for 2010!

And.... I have made a decision on my Neighborhood project from the Me, Myself & I Round Robin:

My "town Square" is going to be by The Work Basket, Bay Sampler. I'm also going to use the houses from Bright Needles Key West & Savannah Samplers. The fibers and the fabric are ready to go 12/31/08!

I'm wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew for 2009?


I'm off to St Louis on Wednesday for 2 days of training. I'm flying from St Louis to Wichita Friday evening to spend the weekend with my Brothers, Sister-in-laws, Sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephews! I can't wait. Not sure how much stitching I will get done, but will take a small piece. The ipod has plenty of audiobooks and movies to keep me entertained at the airport. I will fly home on Monday and back to a ton of work at work on Tuesday.

Happy stitching! Don't forget to leave me a message!
Stay safe!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yippee! Happy Friday!!!

I'm still here! I just have not had enough energy to get everything done for the past couple of weeks. I'm about ready to fall asleep now, so here for your viewing pleasure...

My 09/07/2008 SSNES Project "In the Pocket" Designer, Susan Greening Davis. This piece slides in a clear vinyl pocket on the outside of a cute yellow & white checked bag (which I gave as a gift 2 years ago & promised the pocket stitched...)

My 09/14/2008 SSNES Project "Summer Name Tag" Designer, Susan Greening Davis.
This has been a fun stitch. I'm not crazy about the flag button. I think a big silver star will work well!

On Sept 11, 2008, Punta Gorda brought 20 wounded Marines to town for 5 days of R & R. There was a motorcade thru downtown the afternoon of 9/11. They got a hero's welcome! It was so great to see the community come out in force and support these guys. On Saturday there was a thank you celebration ceremony at the city park. The Marines were given keys to the city and all the powers that be were there to thank them for their service. It was a great event. The "guys" were great. I hoped they enjoyed our community as much as we enjoyed having them!

Our city park is located on the Peace River. Is there not a more appropriate place for a celebration for wounded Iraq war Vets?

I missed my family reunion again this past Labor day. Here is a family picture, missing my brother Chuck, a few sister-in-laws a bunch of nieces & nephews & myself.

Back row left to right: My brother Jim, my brother Larry, my brother Duane, my brother-in-law Coe.
Front row left to right: My great nephew Logan (Jim's grandson), my niece Jamie (Jim's daughter, Logan's mom), my one and only sister Merlyn, my Sis-in-law Lisa (Duane) and my great niece Katie (Jim's granddaughter & Jamie's daughter).

And...Sept. 5 was our grandson Trey's 5 birthday. Here he is with his little brother Jordyn. Aren't they cute?!?!

I went to stitch night at Golden Needle this week and brought home the JCS Christmas Ornament. I've got most every page memorized and enought SSNES ideas to last several more months!

That's all for now. I'll have more to say later!
Thanks for checking on me!
Happy stitching!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Warning, lots of pictures!
Thanks so much for all your well wishes regarding the tropical weather we have been watching. I'm praying for the safety of the people on the Gulf Coast. Tis the season... I'm ready for November!

SSNES project for 08/24/2008 Mosey N Me Santa's Trimmings from JCS Christmas Ornaments 2004

Stitching with DMC on 28 ct linen. I think this is going to be the ornament for the Grandkids this year. I'm having a hard time getting excited about it! I hope the new JCS Christmas Orney book has some awesome stuff!

SSNES project for 08/31/2008 2003 NATS Show Ornament, Slice of Santa

Stitching on 28 ct tan monocloth.
I thought I would try this and see if I liked it better than the one above!
I'm really not liking it any better! Can you say AADD??

SSNES project for 08/31/2008 Susan Greening Davis Needle Nook

Oh yeah! some bright colors! Stitching this on 28 count watercress Joelan with Needle Necessities 1931. will also use some DMC in the same colors as the NN. I am going to finish this off as a thread caddy.

Once a quarter, our EGA Chapter has an "Overnighter", but, since we are all so old and can't stay awake all night, it's officially a Midnighter. this Friday was the night. We met at Ronald McDonald house and enjoyed dinner together. Lots of yummy foods. then it was time for fun and games. We played my version of Stitchers Stash Bingo also known as Everybody wins Bingo. We all brought Dollar Store items for this. My gosh, you would have thought we all won gifts from Tiffany's! I was a bit concerned a couple of times that we might get evicted from RMcD for outrageous behavior! I was the Bingo caller, so, sorry, no pictures of bingo. Then it was time to play Floss Toss LRC. My goodness, those women love to gamble!

Midnighter Stitching LRC Gambler Patty and Julia

EGA Midnighters Stitching LRC Gamblers Virginia, Melissa & Deb

EGA Midnighters Stitching LRC Gamblers Linda and Melinda

Finally, at 9pm, I think, we all got down to some serious (??) stitching.
Midnighters finally stitching

EGA Midnighters Stitching. Linda & Barbara

Also this past week, was stitch night at Golden Needle. Several months ago I saw this new stitching lamp on one of the stitching websites and knew I had to have it. Kathy ordered for me and finally it arrived. I used it at the stitch in Friday night and absolutely love it! It uses 3 D cell batteries or electric. It is light weight and not a PITA to transport from site to site. I hate to admit it, but it's getting really hard for me to see to stitch if I don't have magnification and good lighting. the lamp is $100 and well worth every penny.
New lamp!

That's about all from the Florida Gulf Coast.
Stay safe!
Happy Stitching!