Friday, September 19, 2008

Yippee! Happy Friday!!!

I'm still here! I just have not had enough energy to get everything done for the past couple of weeks. I'm about ready to fall asleep now, so here for your viewing pleasure...

My 09/07/2008 SSNES Project "In the Pocket" Designer, Susan Greening Davis. This piece slides in a clear vinyl pocket on the outside of a cute yellow & white checked bag (which I gave as a gift 2 years ago & promised the pocket stitched...)

My 09/14/2008 SSNES Project "Summer Name Tag" Designer, Susan Greening Davis.
This has been a fun stitch. I'm not crazy about the flag button. I think a big silver star will work well!

On Sept 11, 2008, Punta Gorda brought 20 wounded Marines to town for 5 days of R & R. There was a motorcade thru downtown the afternoon of 9/11. They got a hero's welcome! It was so great to see the community come out in force and support these guys. On Saturday there was a thank you celebration ceremony at the city park. The Marines were given keys to the city and all the powers that be were there to thank them for their service. It was a great event. The "guys" were great. I hoped they enjoyed our community as much as we enjoyed having them!

Our city park is located on the Peace River. Is there not a more appropriate place for a celebration for wounded Iraq war Vets?

I missed my family reunion again this past Labor day. Here is a family picture, missing my brother Chuck, a few sister-in-laws a bunch of nieces & nephews & myself.

Back row left to right: My brother Jim, my brother Larry, my brother Duane, my brother-in-law Coe.
Front row left to right: My great nephew Logan (Jim's grandson), my niece Jamie (Jim's daughter, Logan's mom), my one and only sister Merlyn, my Sis-in-law Lisa (Duane) and my great niece Katie (Jim's granddaughter & Jamie's daughter).

And...Sept. 5 was our grandson Trey's 5 birthday. Here he is with his little brother Jordyn. Aren't they cute?!?!

I went to stitch night at Golden Needle this week and brought home the JCS Christmas Ornament. I've got most every page memorized and enought SSNES ideas to last several more months!

That's all for now. I'll have more to say later!
Thanks for checking on me!
Happy stitching!


Lynn said...

I'm envious! The JCS ornie issue hasn't showed up around here yet. I can hardly wait! Your grandsons are so cute. I bet you enjoy your time with them.
Your recent stitching overnighter looks like it was great fun. I love the idea of the floss toss gambling!

LadyDoc said...

Just found your blog for the first time- I really enjoyed reading it!

We have friends who recently moved to Punta Gorda so I have visited your lovely town once- it is really nice!

I'll be back to check out your blog again!

Marleen said...

Glad you are back on your blog. I missed seeing pictures of your needlework projects. Everytime you start one, you motivate me more to try to find stitching time.

Carol R said...

Cute grandsons Martha!

Cathy is mailing my JCS mag to me as I usually collect it when I come over.

I think the flag button looks good on Summer Name Tag.

Thanks for the new email address - my address book is updated as instructed!