Sunday, February 10, 2008

A free weekend!

We were supposed to have company this weekend, so we spent every evening doing our usual weekend chores. We found out Friday afternoon that our friend was still in Michigan, thanks to another foot of snow! We were bummed that we didn't have company but excited that we had 2 whole days to do what ever we wanted. The result??? DH watched everything Daytona 500 & I stitched!!!
Progress picture on CDC:

Happy Valentine's Day finish. Smooches! A free pattern from several years ago.

Stitched 2 Kissing Pillows for a friend who departs for his second tour of duty in Kuwait...

Last weekend I got to help out at the Golden Needle annual Super Bowl Sale! I'm the official fiber fondeler! I can not wait to see what Cathy brings back from Nashville.

And something old to share. This is an older finish. I fell in love with this piece when I first saw it in the BHG magazine in the 90's. I lost my issue. Years later I was gifted with a box of old cross stitch magazines when my friend gave up stitching. I was so excited to find "the" issue in that box! My friend, Liz, lost her battle with cancer last month. I always think of her when I look at this piece!

I wish I could turn the clock back to Friday at 5pm! How come the weekends go twice as fast as 2 days of work??? I'm not ready to go back to the office time sucks... The good thing is it's one day closer to March 1 when my daughter & granddaughter arrive for a weeks visit! I can not wait!!! I get to be Mom & Gramma for 7 whole days! Cook for them. Do their laundry. Go shopping. Go to the beach. Kiss them good night. Kiss them good morning. See the light in their eyes. Hold them. I can not wait!!! Come on Monday!!!

I'm off to stitch for another hour~
Stay safe!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by!


Vonna said...

Your CdC is just stunning one of the prettiest renditions I've seen! And all your valentines stitches are sweet too! I love that big box of chocolates! So sorry to hear of your friends passing, may she rest in peace after her suffering.
Enjoy your daughter and grand-daughter...I know you'll do that! :)

Nicole said...

Wow Martha, You have gotten so much done on CdC! It's gorgeous!! Your little Valentine finishes are so cute too! :) I'm so sorry about your friend. That's so sad, but glad you have happy memories of her.

AnnMcD said...


I think your progress on CdC is fabulous. You really touched me with your reference to losing your good friend. I lost my best friend to cancer 10 years ago and you never get over losing a friend like that. But as time goes by it is easier to remember with a smile instead of tears.

I am also impressed with your start on Pretty Pumpkins ...isn't it a fun stitch? I must get back at mine.

I have visited the Golden Needle a couple of times (although not recently) and it is a great store!!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, your CdC is gorgeous. Love the colors you're using ;)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Woa! Sorry I missed the Sale at Golden! No money to spend, though...after my big order to Stitching Bits and Bobs. I did miss seeing you and the gang. I'm so sorry about your friend, Martha. That's so sad. Hope you thoroughly enjoy your DD and GD!! And, as always, your stitching is lovely to behold! Love and hugs, Deb

jane said...

I LOVE the chocolates heart! It is a nice memory of your friend, isn't it?
So your daughter and grand daughter are coming! Have fun!
I just got home from welcoming my sweet grand daughter into the world. Grandma love is the best!

jane said...
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