Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drumroll.... and the winner is.....

From the 2008 JCS Ornament issue, Heartfelt Harvey by Imaginating Inc. is the ornament I chose for the Grandkids this year.

And the blog winner is..... my best Kansas Stitching Blogging Friend...

Sorry, I still can't figure out how to make those fancy links!
Her guess was Walt the Malt. I have to tell you, I did almost pick that one!

Kathy, after your absolutely wonderful weekend, send me an email with your mailing address & I'll stitch you your very own Heartfelt Harvey!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to prop my feet up, drink a bottle of wine (yes, it has been one of those weeks!) and figure out what I'm going to spend the weekend stitching (besides 3 more Harvey's!).
Stay safe!
Happy Stitching!
Thanks for stopping by!


Kathy said...

Boy am I surprised!! Just read your e-mail to me about winning. Had to come to the blog and read again to make sure it was not a mistake. That is sooo cool and I am so pleased. Don't work too hard on those ornaments. The grandkids are going to love them.

J Rae said...

Cute choice, Marti! The grandkids will love it!

Carol R said...

I'm still awaiting my JCS mag from Cathy and I think it might be on it's way to me now! I'm sure that would have been the one I would have chosen though - he's too cute LOL

Love your new blog look - when I checked out Cutest Blogs that was the one I would have gone for especially this time of the year when I 'Should' be in Siesta Key!!

If you want to add the 'fancy link' just type the name - highlight it - go over to the button next to the font colours (looks like something with horns) click on that and then complete the popup box - easy peesy!

Stitchingranny said...

He is so so sweet I will just have to stitch him i think.

Jessica said...

Hi Martha,
Your snowman ornamnet is so cute! I love it. I know that your Grandchildren will love it!
On a more serious note, Mom is in the hospital. She is very sick. I wondered if you would let her friends know in the stitching group. Maybe if you could email me Juila's tel. number, she could visit her in the hospital. She is okay now, they have her comfortable with an IV. Would you email me when you can? Thank you so much. She will be home in the middle of the week hopefully to recover. When you email me I will explain what happened... I hope to see you at another Stitch and Bitch.. I really liked that! I want all the girls to meet Kellan too.... Happy Halloween too...


Tracy said...

To make the link is simple. While you are typing your post, highlight the word/words that you want linked. Above your textbox is some icons, click on the one that looks like a globe with a chainlink, in this textbox type the address you want your words to be linked to.