Sunday, August 2, 2009

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Wow,it has been a while! Sorry! I'm still hooked on facebook and farmtown!
I do have some stitching progress to share!

I worked one weekend on Pretty Pumpkins. So much fun & so pretty!

I also finished my part on the Quaker Friendship Round Robin for Sharyn. This RR has been so much fun

Aside from that I have been working on Christmas ornaments. Did not take any pictures of those. Sorry! Work is still a bear. Have the boss from hell.... makes work that much worse. Only saving grace this week is he is on vacation until next Thursday. It's almost as good as being on my own vacation... Woops... I didn't say that did I???

I will try to do a better job and make more frequent updates! Thanks for sticking with me!

Off to get my wardrobe ready for the work week....
Stay safe! Happy stitching!


Kathy said...

So nice to find a post from you in my Google Reader. Been wondering what you are up to. I am not a very good blogger either. Playing on the computer is a good waster of stitching time.

Sorry work is such a bummer. I can relate and that is why I got out of it. Don't miss it. Use your stitching to help you through the rough spots.

Marleen said...

I have missed your blogging. It is the way I feel connected when we don't get real time to talk. So glad you posted.
Just got back from a conference in Jacksonville, but spent the last day (yesterday) in ER. Slipped on wet marble as entering the meeting room. Lot's of deep stitches and surface stitches. Ouch!
Sorry about work, it's such a necessary evil that gets in the way of everything else. Hugs, mb

Carol R said...

Welcome back Martha! Glad you see you have been stitching - the QFRR looks wonderful.

I hope your boss does not read your blog!

Bette said...

you and I have the same taste. I love Pretty Pumpkins and have it in my stash to do. Glad you're blogging again. I always smile when I read your posts.

Brigitte said...

It's first time that I see Prettgy Pumpkins. It's a very nice and colourful project. No wonder that you like stitching on it.
The Quaker RR looks so great!

Lynn said...

Love those Pretty Pumpkins! You do realize that you're enabling me? Now I want to add these to my stash.
Welcome back, hope you had a good summer.