Sunday, June 10, 2012

WIPocalypse Update, June 2012

We have 2 finishes to report!!! By La D Da, Mary Mack Mack Mack is finished! This was one of my starts from the year of "Start Something New Every Sunday" (Dear God, what was I thinking????). But, she is done & I love her! Pressed and off to hang out in the closet with all the other stitched but not finished into something projects! A new start and finish: By iSew Designs, Sew a Mystery. This was not on my WIP list, but when I saw this finished at the Golden Needle Stitch Night, I just had to have it. Then I found the perfect silk fiber, Italian Flowers, and the perfect fabric ... who knows what it is, but it has a slight yellow tint. This stitched up over Memorial Day Weekend. I chose to stitch this design over 2 with 2 strands of silk overdyed. She will hang out in the closet with Mary.... I also started Paradise Lost! Not much progress, some pears and leaves and part of a tree, but it is going to be a fun stitch. Other happenings this past month: We went over to Ft. Pierce on Mother's Day to meet up with our friends Mike & Randi who were visiting for a month from Kansas. They rented a nice condo on the beach. We toured the town, very pretty! Lovely beach! I bought a "new to me" car!! It's been a tad bit humorous learning to drive a stick at 53 years of age... Bruce was out of town one weekend, as was my friend Eleanor's husband, so we had a HOT weekend (Husbands Out of Town!) We stitcked, ate, drank, shopped and spent time in the pool. We went to the local quilt shop and I bought fabric to make the 2 multiplication chart projects into banners and.... fabric to make Callie's quilt top from the Ellen Maurer-Stroh Animal Babies that I stitched long ago... (I did not take a photo of the multiplication banner fabric! Sorry!) Why now, after all this time hanging out in my closet??? I'm off to Michigan to spend a week with my beautiful daughter and family! I'm soooooo excited! We are going to play in the dirt (she has a HUGE garden), make cookies and cupcakes and put the quilt top togther! I'm soooooo excited! It's been 2 long years since I have been with her! With that, I'm off to fix Sunday dinner, and maybe get a few stitches in Paradise Lost. My mind is proccupied with packing for my trip, so who knows how much stitching I will actually get done! (The suit case is out and the dining room table is collecting all the things I must take with me to Michigan! Happy stitching!! Be safe! XOXO ~~m~~

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Bette said...

Nice car! Pretty fabric! Enjoy your trip!