Saturday, September 8, 2007


I missed my family reunion last weekend, soooo... here is a family picture with out me! Can you figure out which ones are my brothers (3 of them are there, the oldest., like me, was AWOL) and which one is my sister (I only have 1)?

Tomorrow is my Steamy Sunday Stitching group at my house. I can't wait. A lot of stitching, visiting and food! I'll have my camera armed and ready. More later~~~ It's time for NASCAR, which means quality stitching time for me. Go Toooooonnnnyyy!
More tomorrow~


Lavender Rose said...

Great family pic!! I'll just bet your sister is in the green blouse...the one not focused on the camera, right? She has ADD? That's why you laugh alot...? You could never get her attention? She wears bright colors so people can find her when she wanders off staring at the trees and sky? LOL Love you, Martha!
PS: on a serious note: I had the best time today at the Steamy Sunday!!

Miokka said...

LOL.... You think it runs in the family???
I find out after I post this picture, my nephew is putting a toad on his brother's head, my sister is freaking out.....
Who's ADD?? Oh, yeah I remember now....
Say cheese!
So good to have you yesterday~ it was soooo much fun. I'm bummed when the day is over. Can't wait for the next time! See you Thursday evening!