Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall, Y'all. This was my favorite time of year when we lived in Michigan. The leaves turning colors. The huge crates of fresh apples in the grocery stores (you could smell them the second you walked in the store!). Raking leaves. I think it is the only season I really miss!

New pictures for your viewing pleasure. As I have mentioned in passing, I have been a huge Big Brother fan since the first season. Am I happy with who won this year? Yes.... and no. I'm not a Dick and Danielle fan, but, they played the game. This mornings e mail brought the first photo. This is my baby brother and BB8 Jessica. She is from Haysville Kansas, which is minutes south of Wichita Kansas (my home town). My baby brother is a member of the Legion Riders.
Their mission: The Patriot Guard mission is to stand guard at funerals of our Fallen Soldiers of current wars who were killed in action or are casualties of war.
However, this time, they met Jessica at the airport to escort them and welcome her home, Her brother is a Marine serving in Iraq and he to was escorting her home on the plane along with another soldier.
Thought that was pretty cool. I'm also a huge NASCAR fan & another e mail from my baby brother stated he has 2 extra tickets to the Kansas race next weekend, would I like them..... The answer was yes, I would LOVE to have them, but it's just not anywhere in the budget this year. Oh well. I still love him....

Next picture. I finished the birth sampler! Yippee!!!!! It felt so good to sign the piece when I finised it! Now the big task of making the quilt. I'm so glad I have a dear friend named Eleanor who has offered her expertise!

I played hooky from work yesterday. I'm not one to just call in or take an unplanned day off. I work sick. It's just easier. But... on Thursday I just felt I couldn't do it another day. I asked Jim if he had a preference as to which day in the next 3 I took off. Friday? Monday? Tuesday? He left it up to me! Sooooo Friday it was. Bruce & I took our dear friends Ruby & Bill to Venice for the afternoon. Our first stop was Needlepoint Ivy.
Cyndi and her husband, the owners, were so nice. We had a great visit with them & found tons of things that we need.... The next 3 pictures are from the trunk show. The designer is Glendon Place. I want them all! I really think I must do Three Kings and Pretty Pumpkins! After Needlepoint Ivy, it was off to lunch at my most favorite restaurant in Florida, Luna's. I had to have one of their signature pasta dishes. I had some of the leftovers for lunch today. Will have more of the leftovers for lunch Monday & Tuesday.... Huge portions and very very yummy! Then it was off to Creative Framing. Linda does an awesome job of framing and needlework is her speciality. Ruby has stitched all the Shepherds Bush pieces from the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issues and Linda had great ideas for framing those. On the way home, we stopped at Golden Needle and looked at all the goodies there. the guys were great, Bill & Bruce didn't complain TOO loudly about all our stops and looky-looky! After all, they got to spend the day with us.

With my finish yesterday morning, I kitted up 6 pieces to take it's place!
A Very Merry Christmas by JBW Designs, stitching on 28 ct Mint Green Lugana.
From The East an OP by Astor Place, stitching on 10 ct black.
Jamaica Deb by The Sunflower Seed, stitching on 28 ct Midas Cashel linen.
Neptune Poseidon by Lynne Nicoletti, stitching on Silkweaver 28 ct Lugana "Splash".
Forever Yours by Cedar Hill, stitching on 28 ct natural linen.
Nautical Fence by Raise the Roof, stitching on 28 count sea water blue (I have no clue what exactly the fabric is, but it has a great hand & color!).

Don't ask when I'm going to do the "other" pieces.... ;^)
I'll post progress photos....

We spent part of the day puppy shopping. Nothing yet. We want a female miniature schnauzer. Black or salt & pepper. We will keep looking... Also did the dreaded yard work. I know come Monday I will wonder why the back of my legs are killing me. The flower beds look very nice now.... Also got some stitching in today and made a big pan of chicken pot pie.

Please keep my neighbors, Bonnie & Stef, in your prayers. Our doorbell rang at 7:30 this morning. It was Stef. He & Bonnie were flying to New York. Bonnie's daughter was killed in an auto accident there late last night. I didn't get the details (I was sound asleep). Stef is from Italy and has a heavy heavy accent & it's very hard to understand him when he is "good". So say a prayer for them please.

Stay safe! Nighty-night.


jane said...

I think I must be crazy - I am obsessed with pumpkins! And I
L-O-V-E the Pretty Pumpkins. I immediately stopped reading your blog, went to Glendan Place Site and ordered it. Then came back, of course, and finished reading your interesting writing - which I always enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog and all of your detailed news. I was born in Michigan and maybe that is why I too love fall so much but we moved to California when I was 10 and now I live in the desert of Arizona. I love those fancy pumpkins, that would be a great fall design. My husband served in Iraq in 2003 and my daughter is scheduled to go there this year. Your stitching Sundays look like such a great time, wish I could join. I'm glad to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.