Sunday, April 20, 2008

No stitching just venting!!

Sorry, no updated pictures of this weeks stitching! I did stitch a bit at Golden Needles Stitch night Wednesday evening, but not enough to show any progress on CdC!

Hip hip hooray.... tax season is over! Geesh... I really love my clients and love my job, but.... some times people can be and rude and don't think before they speak.... Last Friday afternoon a client called the office and started screaming at me the minute I answered the phone...

Me: I'm sorry, but, first, (as I check the account notes and the account activity and the 1099 for the account for 2007)... I did not sell all your stocks, I'm not licensed to do that. You met with your Financial Advisor on x day in February and you and your financial advisor determined you should sell all your stocks..... And, let me look at your 1099, oh yes, I see you sold stocks and had a gain, meaning you sold your stocks for more than you paid for them. Excuse me again, but don't you want to sell your stocks when you have a gain, meaning you made money on your stocks??? Lets take a look at something else real quick. You sold your stocks on x date and the net to you was $120000. Now, if you would have held those same stocks and, lets say, sold them yesterday, now you would have had a net of $85000. Does that help??

SHE: ohhhhhh..... I understand.

No appology.... no thank you.... no kiss my ass.... no have a good day.

Tax season story number 2:
Monday, April 14, time 4:30 p.m.
Office door opens, in walks Mr. Client. We exchange greetings. Then he says to me...
He: I ALWAYS take all my tax information to my CPA in February, but, because I was in London and didn't return until this past Friday, I don't have the heart to take all this in and dump it on his desk today, so I was hoping you could help me understand my 1099's??
Me: Oh, let me get this straight, you don't have the heart to do this to your CPA??? What does that make me, chopped liver????
Hahahahahahaha......... I spent the next day helping him concur turbo tax.

So all that said and done, tax season 2007! is over! Yippee skippee!!! Oh, and I finished my Canadian return this morning.

The online Needlework show.... I went... I ordered:

Carriage House Samplings
Adam & Eve

Designs by Lisa
How do I Love Thee

Northern Pine Designs
Chocolate Humbug Bag

Sue Hillis Designs, Inc.
Pirate's Creed

And I wasn't going to order a thing!

A beautiful weekend on the Florida Gulf Coast. No humidity,sunshine and a sea breeze. Last night we drove home over the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg Florida. The bay was calm, the sky clear and the moon full and bright. It was picture perfect beautiful and the camera was in the trunk....

Until next time.... happy stitching!


Vonna said...

I'm sorry to say this...but some people just "suck" don't they?!
AT least it's over for what...another 8 months before it starts again? BIG HUGS!!! Sounds like a little retail therapy was in order :0)

Bette said...

People don't realize how they sound. It's all about them. Glad to hear you survived tax season. Now realx and have some fun stitching!

Meari said...

I'm with you... I'm GLAD tax season is over! The past 3 weeks have been absolutely unreal.

Daquari, anyone?

Sonda in OR said...

Your job must be quite the challenge, at least the big rush only comes once a year!