Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tassel, tassel....who has the tassel???

No stitching, again. I must be in a slump! In the past 2 weeks, I have added a few stitches to CdC, but not enough to take a picture. I did make a new tassel for new stash....I love tins and boxes and chocolate, so after a trip to the Golden Needle on Saturday, this jewel followed me home...

One of our fine feathered friends...

My newest hibiscus plant. The bloom last night was huge! Too bad they only last a day or so!

Other than that, nothing new down here on the hot, dry Florida gulf coast. Just been working on camp stuff, work stuff, house stuff... just stuff! I'm very excited about camp!
Till next time... Happy stitching!

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Carol R said...

Hello Martha
Don't know if you remember me I came to one of your tassel classes at Golden Needle last Oct/Nov. I was the only Brit there so maybe you do remember? I've just found your blog via Nicole's and have bookmarked it for future visits. Sounds like you had fun at stitch camp - wish I'd known about it earlier - I n-e-e-d a trip to Fl. Did Cathy go?