Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year to you and yours!

I spent part of the holiday weekend organizing my stitching stuffs,making my lists, designed, stitched and graphed my annual Christmas Ornament for 2012, made soup, and cut and bagged veggies for lunches this week. Geesh... I need another 4 day weekend! Here is my WIPocalypse list:

Works in process that I hope to finish:
1. Christmas Quaker by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
2. Cherlotte's Sampler by Cherished Stitches
3. Lo How a Rose Sampler by Better Homes and Gardens: A Cross Stitch Christmas
4. Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs
5. Silent Sampler by rosewood manor
6. Miss Mary Mack by La-D-Da
7. Multiplication Table by Carriage House Samplings (times 2!)
8. Cranberry In Pines by rosewood Manor
9. From The easy by Astor Place
10. ...gone by Michelle Ink Needlework Designs
11. Tina's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush

New Starts for 2012:
1. 26 Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments
2. Itty-Bitty's by Keslyn's
3. Button Boxes by The Drawn Thread
4. toccata number One by The Drawn Thread
5. Robert's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush
6. Paradise Lost by Plum Street Samplers
7. And a Forest Grew by Rosewood Manor
8. Thine Is The Trick And The Treat by Prairie Moon
9. A Quaker Halloween Sampler by Cherished Stitches

Wish me luck!
Now off to make Itty-Bitty a WIP and not a want-a-be!

Happy New Year!
xoxo ~~m~~

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Lynn said...

Welcome back! That's quite the list! I hope you're able to accomplish your goals. I've also joined the WIPocalypse but I've yet to start anything new. I'm working on finishing some of what I started in 2011.