Sunday, November 18, 2007

Susan Greening Davis

My weekend at Treasure Island, Florida studying with Susan Greening Davis was wonderful. This is a picture of the Shaker Box that will hold the Smalls that Susan designed. The items that go inside the Shaker Box are a needle book, Scissor Holder, Tape Measure and Needle Guide.
As always, Susan & Sally provide a funderful class at an awesome location!

Here are a couple of our Smiling Stitchers!!

Ohhhhh Ahhhhhhh.... Stitchers Stash!

Serious Stitchers!

Silly Sticky Stuff Stitchers!!

The weekend really was great. I always enjoy my class time and my visiting time. Sometimes I get the 2 confused!
Nicole (Island Breeze) sat next to me. She is such a doll. She lives near the hotel, so was our tour guide for a trip to the 2 LNS! Thanks tons Nicole!!!
I also got to spend time with my stitching friends Marleen & my adopted Mom Eileen. My roomy was nice, she didn't complain that I snored....really loud!

For more photos see Nicoles blog and my next post!

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