Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Update

Where did the 4 days go?
I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow....

Hope you all had a wondertastic holiday with family & loved ones.
My birthday was Wednesday, so the holiday festivities started early! I received flowers at work from my dear stitching friends Marleen & Eileen! They are beautiful and really brightened the day. Lots of cards and phone calls with well wishes too!
Hubby bought me roses. My recent trip to Treasure Island to stitch with Susan was my "official" present from DH!

We spent Thanksgiving day with our dear friends Pat & Richie. All the turkey & ham & sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and green beans and pie and cake and fun you can imagine! There were 13 of us at the table.

Our pre-dinner entertainment was their grandson RJ and his magic spoons!

I did not go shopping Friday. There is not enough money or bargains in the world to get me out to the stores on Black Friday! We had friends down from Michigan for dinner on Friday. I fixed a big pot roast with gravy and mashed potatoes and mixed veggies and my Moms Cherry Jello for desert. Not sure where my camera was, but no pictures! Oh, I also learned how to drink gimlets.... so that could answer where my camera was!

My DH had a wonderful time all week teasing me about a big surprise trip on Saturday. The only things he would tell me:
1. Dress like I would if I was going out goofing off on Saturday with friends..
2. Not to make any plans for Saturday.
3. Be ready to go at Noon. (He had a commitment Saturday morning at the Shrine).
I asked all kinds of questions. Where are we going? Do I need to pack a bag? Are we going alone? Have I been there before?.... He would not answer any of my questions. If you know Bruce, this had to be very hard for him because he is not good at keeping secrets, or anything for that matter, from me!

Noon came, he was home from the Shrine. I'm ready to go. He is outside doing something in the garage. I'm waiting.... wondering.... Then he comes in & says he has to tell me something because he can't find something..... OK, I ask, what are you looking for? His reply, "Your stitching bag..." My reply "I thought I didn't need to pack a bag"...... so I hand him my stitching bag. We get in the car & leave! My surprise....

Dinner & stitching with Bill & Ruby! I couldn't think of a better way to spend an afternoon! Bill & Ruby fixed Port tenderloin, a yummy pear/lime jello salad & my very favorite black eyed peas, sweet potatoes and my very favorite red velvet cake!
We had a great time visiting and looking at cross stitch books! I think I made a half dozen stitches~ nothing to show you on that end as I am still working on my Christmas stitching~ But...... you all know I have been lusting after Ink Circles CDC.... Cathy at Golden Needle ordered some of Ink Circles Charts after I showed her their website... Last week when I was at the shop, I picked up my threads for the project, but did not see the chart yet. I didn't ask.... It's a good thing.... because look what Ruby & Bill gave me for my birthday!!

Now if I could just get this Christmas stitching done I could start CDC! I'm think I will go work on it now!
Enjoy your week! Think happy thoughts! I'm going to stitch.... I just have to start CDC!


Teejay said...

A very happy birthday to you from one scorpio to another!! All of your festivities sound astoundingly heavenly! Delectable foods and what a heart warming and thoughtful gift.

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Martha!!! That was so nice of Bruce to take you over to Ruby's. What a nice surprise! And an even bigger surprise that they got you CDC! Yes, definitely start now! You should do something for you! :) Hope to see you soon! I'm having stitching get together withdrawals! LOL! :)

Ranae said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.
Happy Belated Birthday!
Looks like you had a wonderful birthday and Thanksgiving.
CDC... what a nice bd present, lol.
That stitching get together looked like lots of fun.
I enjoyed browsing your blog and will be back.
Take care!!

Bette said...

Happy belated birthday, Martha. Your surprise from your DH sounds wonderful. And I really like the fabric & threads you picked for CDC. It will be fun watching that develope.