Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am in awe at how fast this year is flying by!! Holly cow!
It was a beautimus fall weekend on the Florida Gulf coast. Sad to see the pool temp drop to 75, but wonderful to turn the a/c off & open the house!

I hosted my stitchy friends today (my DH calls it my "hen party")! It's such a treat to be able to do this. The highlight of my month. This is my reward for cleaning house!

The fist photo is a little something our mystery guest stitcher finished this afternoon! Do you know who she is? Can you tell her style???

Here are Louise & Sara. Sara does the most awesome thing with that counted canvas stuff! I'm ashamed to say I did not get a photo of her recent finish. Louise is also a counted canvas expert, but, she was working on linen today

Meet Jessica! This is the Jessica, daughter of Deb aka Lavender Rose. It was such a treat to have her come stitch with us. Nicole (Island Breeze) is trying to move out of the picture!

And Malinda and Deb. If we would have stitched as many words as we spoke, ALL our UFO's would be done now!

TaaaDaaaah! Here is Cathy of The Golden Needle and..... our guest mystery stitcher, designer and teacher extraordinaire..... Susan Greening Davis!

I'm missing pictures of lots of the ladies. We had Charlotte, who made a desert called "Death by Carmel".... it was soooo good, Ruby brought mushroom gravy and some yummy orange/ginger carrots, Mary Jane, God love her, she comes to these things and only eats fresh veggies...., Jessica, Deborah, Queen Patti who was stitching a beautiful hand painted canvas with really cool stitches. Eleanor brought coconut/chocolate/raspberry cookies and cheesy sauce for the baked taters. Nicole, from Island Breeze was busy giving her headless sheep a head! Louise made apple pie, Gigi & Edith our newest stitchers, Malinda made the best chili, Sara brought pumpkin cheesecake, Cathy & Susan. We had baked potatoes and all the fixings you could think of to add to them. Gigi & Eleanor brought their finished tassels from my tassel class & they are beautiful!

The day always goes way to fast for me. I love these ladies & it's such a treat to spend some quality stitching time with them.

I'm off to Treasure Island next Friday for the weekend. I am spending the day Friday in another office to observe and see how they do things. Friday night is class with Susan Greening Davis, as is Saturday, Saturday night & Sunday. I'm looking forward to this retreat and some time away. The Thunderbird Inn is right on the beach. I'll take lots of pictures.

Thanks for all your kind comments. I wish you all could come to my hen parties!
DH is hungry, best go heat him up a left over baked potato!
Stay safe!


Nicole said...

I had so much fun!! Everything was wonderful! Thank you again for inviting me! :)

Becky K in OK said...

Your stitch in's always look like such fun. The food sounds extra yummy..

Vonna said...

It looks so much like a big fun time! I wish I could come! :)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Martha, Your are simply the best hostess of our Steamy Stitching Sundays!! I love them. Your home is light (great light for stitching!!) and friendly...and perfect for feeling comfortable. Love being there with you and all our stitchey friends. Thanks again! Thanks for mentioning my Jessica!
Hugs, Deb

tkdchick said...

What fun! I love get togethers!