Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to Hurricane Season 2008

June 1, 2008, the first day of the 2008 hurricane season and all ready one named storm. Arthur.

Lets hope it is the one and only.

We have a plan.... we are going to drop the storm panels on the back of the house. Put the panel on the front door. Put the cars in the garage (which means putting all the stuff in the garage in the house...YUCK!! LOL) and stay here. We figure its safer than fighting with all the other yawhoos out on the road and trying to get any where...

No update picture of Cdc today. I have been working on it and have a little more than half of the last circle half to complete. If this week goes well, I should finish it by next weekend.

I'm in search of a new coffee bean grinder. Several years ago I bought the Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder. On the expensive side. Worked well. Was very noisy. Made a mess every time I used it, but all in all it worked well. 3 months ago, it just stopped working. I could not find another one in any of the local stores, so I settled for the Black and Decker grinder. Brought it home, put the box out in the recycle the same day. Tried to use the grinder several days later. The thing wouldn't grind a thing! No box. No receipt. Out to the trash. Spent several weeks buying all ready ground coffee. It doesn't taste as good. Went to Wally World 2 weeks ago. Got the GE coffee grinder. Worked like a charm last weekend. Doesn't grind a big batch, but its fast and not horribly loud. Went to grind my coffee for the week this morning. Nothing. It makes noise. It doesn't grind. I saved the box & the receipt this time. Any suggestions for a grinder that will last oh, 2 or 3 years????

Made a trip to Books A Million yesterday. Brought home the following:

Eleven on top, Janet Evanovich
The Shack, William P Young
Whispers of the Bayou, Mindy Starns Clark
Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen
I know this much is true, Wally Lamb

Off to work on CdC!

Have a great week!!!!


Marleen said...

I have had my Krups coffee grinder for over 14 years and it works like a charm. It is the only brand I have given for gifts. Marleen

Carol R said...

Keep safe Martha!

Stitchingranny said...

Sounds like you and coffee grinders dont make good companions lol. Hope you find one you like soon.

Jennifer said...

We have this grinder by Melita. The nice thing is that it was relatively inexpensive and it's lasted us for at least 6 years (we don't use it daily though). The bad news is it's loud and tends to spray coffee dust on the counter sometimes. I think when this one dies, we might go with a Krups like Marleen mentioned.