Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Day (or--- I can't think if a catchy title!)

Excuse my crap for photos but it's all I got...

The top of the Sea Horse box is finished. Except for the beads. And the buttons. (pattern calls for buttons, I'm thinking sea life charms would be tons better). And the finishing finishing. Need to stitch the sides too.

This Heart of Mine on Orange Zest stitched with Miami Deco Gloriana silk. 2 strands won!

And my reverse rotation project, aka start something new every Sunday (SSNES) (sounds like sneeze! Ha!) project. From Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2004, Love Heart Ornament. Started Sunday 07/13/2008. Just need to add the date and do the dreaded finishing. That will determine if I like it enough to stitch 23 more. Right now I'm thinking no. I'm such a wuss when it comes to finishing and sewing machines and glue. Ack.

Steamy Sunday Stitching was yesterday. We had a wonderful time and I forgot to get my camera out! I was sooooo bummed when I realized everyone was gone and I never snapped a picture. Here's something new. Call it word pictures.

Hellos, Tater Bar, Spinach artichoke dip, Blue corn chips, Shrimp, Ruby said stupid, rain, home made from scratch cheesecake with strawberry & pineapple glaze, Stupid???, Politics, EGA, Beads, weight loss, ANG, Canvas, Linen, twin grandbabies, Nutcrackers, Laughter, talk talk talk talk talk talk, cookbooks, Silence, fibers, Counting, Twisted cording, Oh, she meant to say NOT stupid, Starts, Finishes, ABWA, goodbyes, silence.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Happy stitching! I'm off to work on Orange Zest some more. Also have to get ready for tassels 2 class at Golden Needle next Saturday. I'll just wing it. I tend to overplan! Gotta go!
Stay safe!


Bette said...

Love the pictures. ;-) Looks like a fun time wa shad by everyone. And the stitchings nice too!

Carol R said...

You have been busy! I agree with you - use sea life charms instead of buttons on Sea Horse.

See you found the Love ornament - I did a diamond eyelet in the middle to hold the ribbon/cord hanger. If you need any help email me!