Monday, July 21, 2008

It's another Monday

Welcome to Florida in the summer. Hot. Humid. Watching the tropics. No waiting in line at the local pub for a table. I can get an appointment with my Chiropractor the same day I call.
Life is good...

Not much new from me. Had a tassel class at Golden Needle on Saturday. Here are some of the tremendous tassel makers!

And look at the bounty.... they did such good work and it's so much fun to see the color combos!

They all graduated, and guess what? They got the tassels!

My Start Something New Every Sunday start:

Shepherd's Bush Road to Bethlehem

Again, I'm sorry for the crappy picture. The back of our house is all windows (you can see that in the Sunday Stitching photos located elsewhere in this blog). With the cost of everything going up, we decided we could save a few $ on our cooling bill if we dropped the hurricane blankets on the sliders on the back of the house. It does keep the house cooler, but, boy oh boy, do I miss the sunlight! Guess I have to pick my pain... I'm wondering if it will help me sleep in on Saturday mornings because it will be darker longer in the bedroom?? We left one set of window open so we can access the pool but it's still not enough light for me. It's only temporary.

Again, nothing new to yap about. Work is work. Life is life. Hot is hot.
Stay safe!
Happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will help but I always put whatever I want to photograph for my blog under my daylight lamp when I take photos.

Stitchingranny said...

Wow tassles are amazing and I like the look of your new start. I also like the seaside theme box topper in the article below.

Bette said...

Your work is always beautiful, Martha. In fact, it inspires me so much that I've nominated your blog for and award. See my blog for it.

Carol R said...

Beautiful tassels Martha

jane said...

The tassels are beautiful! And I like the idea of starting something new every Sunday!