Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm a blog stalker......

Ok, I admit it. I stalk your blogs. I read about what you are stitching. I read about what your are reading. I read about your good days. Your rants. Your raves. I read about where you are going on vacation. Then I come out of hiding! Case in point.... I'm stalking, I mean reading, blogs last night and I see a post from Ann at Knowledge and Needles that she is in Port Charlotte, Florida. Hello.... it's just across the Harbor from me.... So I email her. Hi.... I'm a blogger stalker.... you don't know me, but..... Well.... she EMAILED ME BACK! She even gave me her phone number.... and the address where she was staying.... SCARY! Right Deb???? I called her this morning. Offered to pick her up and take her to my LNS Golden Needle. She accepted! How strange is that??? And... low and behold.... her husband and her friends even let her leave with me! Musta' been because my truck didn't have a gun rack in the back window.... We had a wonderful morning. Shopped at the Bead Room & Golden Needle. I keep saying over and over.... "the power of the floss"... How true! Think about it. All this blog/needlework stuff. It's all because of the power of the floss. What a wonderful thing! May the floss be with you! Thank you Ann for trusting me and for spending part of your vacation with me!

So of course, I did some shopping at Golden Needle. Cathy has been tempting me for 2years with a chart she knew was in process and was right up my alley. So. What do you get when you take this:

Lakeside Linens 28 Ct Wisteria
And add this:

Silk N Colors Hummingbirds

And this....

Silk N Colors African Queen
And .... this!!!!

Glorianna Halloween Green
And... don't forget this!

Glorianna Jewel Turquoise


Michelle Ink Quaker Goes Tropic!!! I'm starting this as soon as I get this post posted. I pulled my fibers at the Super Bowl Sale. I've been waiting impatiently for the chart. I have it now, in my hot little hands.... Cathy & I are having a Stitch A Long! I'm soooo happy!

And. I have another SEX confession....

Rosewood Manor (Go Figure!) Simple Sampler. I'm starting this tomorrow! I can not wait....

And I have a semi finish report to report...

Quaker Friendship Round Robin. I'm finished with my portion for

That's all I have to say for the evening. I'm itchin' to stitch! I'm looking forward to the Daytona 500 and my Monday President's Day Holiday! Stay safe! Happy Stitching!
Until we stalk again! Remember the Power of the Floss!


Kathy said...

You are just so funny. STALKING!! I did not know what to call it. I do that too. Right now it seems all I get done is read blogs, not do one.

Great that you found a new stitching friend.

Love your new stash. Cannot wait to see your progress.

Juls said...

I think we all do this! I love meeting stitching friends!!!!
I love all of your stitching! I just posted about Quaker Gone tropic and am going pick it up at my LNS on monday!!!! I'll look forward to your progress!!!!! I'm not sure I'll be able to wait on starting this one buthey what's one more WIP.....

AnnMcD said...

We did have a good time! The colours you have chosen for Quaker Gone Tropical are bold and beautiful. I must get that chart for my shop. I did not even know about Michelle Ink and her designs until we went to The Golden Needle. It is wonderful to make a new friend. I already knew that The Golden Needle was an excellent shop and now I know about that incredible Bead shop as well. Thank You.

Carol R said...

You can stalk my blog anyday - in fact you can stalk me on my next Fl visit!

I need to see your Quaker Gone Tropical - gorgeous colours!

Lynn said...

I'm so glad you were able to meet Ann. Kinda like when Deb was stalking me, lol! I was introduced to Ann by Dani and Kathy on our Labour Day SAL weekend. She has a lovely shop near my neck of the woods.I'm glad she's going to order the Quaker Gone Tropic for her shop. I'm adding it to my wish list!