Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post and run....

We have a convenience type store not too far away, called Pick & Run. Maybe that is what I should have titled this post as that is about all the energy I have tonight.

No stitching pictures. I've been under the weather the past week or so. My blood pressure is whacked out, which is whacking me out which just makes everything 1000 times worse! I'll get it under control and get over it. I'm not one to take medication, so right now the Dr has me on something (can't remember & I'm too lazy to get up and go look), but once we get it stabilized I will be messing with diet (yuck!!) and exercise (double triple yuck!!!) to control it. Hope hope.

I stitched this weekend on Family Reunion. I wanted to stitch on Quaker Tropic, but am trying a rotation. One week for each of my 3 new favorite projects. We will see how that works out.

Saturday I spent the day at our local Wine and Jazz Festival. It was a picture perfect "Chamber of Commerce" day! I was at the VIP check in gate all day. My official job was to "bag" everybody. The ticket price included a neat little wine bottle tote bag with a wine glass for sampling all the wonderful wines offered by the vendors. The wine was great, as was the food but, the entertainment was amazing! I fell in love with Mindi Abair. Check her out! Wow.... can she play that sax and sing! But not at the same time!

Before the wine food and jazz lovers arrive.

Mindi Abair during sound check.

Some of the festival goers.

Mindi doing her thing. She is amazing. Did I say that yet??

A Punta Gorda Post Card for Mindi created by one of our resident artist and signed by a lot of the festival attendees.

There ya go, a look at my weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for stitchy pictures next post. Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for all the wonderful words on Tropic Quaker. I do appreciate them!!! Happy stitching and stay safe!


Carol R said...

Looks like you had a great day Martha. Don't use up all that sunshine though - save some for me!

Anonymous said...

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