Monday, August 11, 2008

2 x 2 squared?

Time for the SSNES report!!!

This is my new start for the week. The SECOND Multiplication Table. Boring? Very. Twice as boring as the first one! I love my grandchildren. They better get straight A's in math.... I have found it's an easy stitch while watching all the Olympic coverage. Mindless.

To break up the routine, I thought I would do a square on the America Land That I Love BAP UFO. I stitched the square for Kentucky on Sunday morning. Quick. Now, if I just did 1 a week, I'd be finished by the end of the year.
No, no commitment here, i just said IF I did 1 a week.... I'm shooting on finishing it during the Olympics in 2024.... if not before!

And last but not least, this is the progress on Multiplication Table #1

Nothing new to yap about. The weekend was spent watching the Olympics. And NASCAR. And doing laundry. And cleaning floors. And toilets. And stitching.
It keeps me sane....

Have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
Happy stitching!


Nicole said...

Wow, Martha you are making great progress on your multiplication sampler! Your other wips are great too! :)

Carol R said...

Great progress on the multiplication pieces. I think you are brave to stitch it once let along twice!

I stitched a digger on a building site complete with bricks, half built buildings and men in yellow hats etc twice. We do love grandkids don't we?!!

Vonna said...

I love your America cool and I see you've stitched my state :)
And your multiplication table is looking good too! I wonder if my twins stitched one if they would "get" multiplying?

Irishenchantment said...

greatprogress on x2 lol! america stitching is beautiful too well done :)

Stitchingranny said...

Much as I love my little Grandson I am not sure that stitching the multiplication table would keep me sane - just the opposite in fact LOL. Good luck with them.

Shari said...

commenting on an OLD POST!!!
I was told the America charts were freebies....wondered if you still had them & if you were willing to part with them? I think this would be a great stitch!