Monday, August 4, 2008

2 x 2 =

Time for the weekly SSNES report!

My start for yesterday is from the Carriage House Samplings, Multiplication Table. I have to say I'm not loving this. Something about the colors? Maybe it's my math challenged mind? Some dark memory from my childhood? I struggled with multiplication and division in grade school. I remember my Dad cutting up his Kool cigarette cartons and making flash cards for multiplication and division. We would spend an hour every morning and an hour every evening going over flash cards. I plan to make 2 of these, one for each household of grandkiddos. I'm betting the second one will be bright fun colors! What do you think?

My not ever eating again lasted a whole whopping 12 hours. **Sigh**

Went to a pool party over the weekend. Wore my new suit. Had lots of good conversation. Lots of good food. Lots of good drink. Lots of pool volleyball. No energy on Sunday!

Also spent some wonderful time with Ruby on Saturday. We were quite the productive pair. We finished the finishing on our Whitman candy boxes. I forgot to take my camera so not group photo.

That's about the size of it. The boss is out of the office this week so I'm trying to get ahead of the game as well as complete some in house online training. Oh joy, what everyone wants to learn about: Life Insurance. Annuities. 403B's. New in house managed account options. It's hard to read and stay interested, focused and retain it all! I could not wait to get home tonight and stitch a little and give the old brain a rest!

Stay safe!
Happy stitching!


Carol R said...

What color Whitman box did you do? I got Kathy to mail me the yellow one but I like the mauve one too and the green one is nice... maybe I should have got one of each?

Nicole said...

Hi Martha!! It's so good to see you posting! I miss you! And I love your Rotation in reverse! I do something like that anyway! I feel like I'm always starting new things. I can finish the small things ok. It's the big things that sit in my UFO box forever! :)

tkdchick said...

Hi Martha, your Whitman's box looks lovely!!!

Hmmm the mulitplication table... to me the design looks just plain old borning! I'm not surprised someone would be tiempted to abandon that. There's just not interesting parts or colours that I can see! Good luck in slugging away with that!

Kathy said...

Your start on the Multiplication Tables looks great. I have a stitching friend that just completed that. Doing 2 does not sound like fun, but maybe doing in a more interesting color would help.

Love you attitude about food. Mine too.