Friday, August 1, 2008

The good. The bad. The ugly.

1. The Good

I got to go out to eat last night.
So what? Yes, we do that a couple of times a week, but, last night it was free!
That's good!
It was good!
Our favorite local family restaurant, Elleana's. It's kind of like Cheers, you walk in and everyone knows your name. The wait staff all know that He wants ice tea and I want ice water with lemon. They know not to put His french fries on the same plate with his meal.
It was a great dinner. Salad. Chicken orzo soup. Flank steak with mushrooms. Green beans. Smashed taters with gravy. Scoop of ice cream for desert.
It was all free!!!

That's the good.

2. The Bad

2 words
Swimsuit shopping

3. The Ugly

I tried on 25 suits.
All a size bigger than the one I bought a year ago.
It's a conspiracy theory.
The rest of my clothes fit.
I think.

1b. The swimsuits and cover-ups were on sale! 30% off!
1c. See #1 above.
Used the $ saved when buying the suit and matching tent (coverup) to pay for a nice wonderful LAST dinner.

I'm never eating again.


Happy weekend
Stay safe!


Bette said...

Oh can I relate to this one, martha. Except I haven't had the nerve to put on a swimsuit in years. You're far braver than I am. ;-)

Carol R said...

Do not put clothes/swimsuits in the 'Shrinking Wardrobe". All homes have at least one of these wardrobes -they shrink everything inside so when you get them out to wear again they do not fit!

Kathy said...

I can relate so much that it could have been me that wrote this blog. I have almost given up hope. Have not had a swimsuit on in years. Not sure that I will ever have one on again. The thought is just too much.

jane said...

You've done some great stitching! This post was so funny! I'll bet you look great in your new suit!