Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

No photos to post. I had great intentions of taking TONS of pictures at my EGA "over nighter" stitching event this past Friday. I put my battery on the charger Thursday evening. Took my camera out Friday night at the "over nighter". Thought if felt a little light. Yup. Battery at home on the charger. Camera 40 miles away on dead. Soooooo.... you will just have to believe me when I tell you we had a BLAST! I believe it would amaze most "mortals" that a dozen grown women could have so much fun playing with fibers.....tons of gabbing & laughing happened at the Ronald McD House!
We had great fun. Dear Carolyn had never ever had Chinese food, so we all brought or made our favorite Chinese dish. There was lots of stir fry, egg rolls, sesame Chicken, rangoons, rice, hot & sour soup (my fav!). We ate and stitched and ate and stitched. Carolyn tried to convince us all that she has never had Italian food.... Deb ( Lavender Rose Ramblings ) came and spent the evening with us. Everyone had a great laugh when they discovered I found her on-line! I think it was a good discovery!
The "over nighter" ended at midnight (we can't stay awake and see our fibers after that!). It was great fun. Looking forward to the next one!
Nothing new in my life. I have been working on the EMS baby sampler. Will get a picture and update my progress this weekend. I must finish this soon, for my own sanity. So many things I am dying to stitch and start & don't dare. I need to find more hours in the day. I'm thankful for a long upcoming holiday weekend with no plans! I love love love being at home!! My thoughts will be with my family in Dodge City this weekend. I will miss the Family Reunion (my mom's side) but look forward to viewing the pictures and hearing all the news.
I'm off to stitch and watch the next installment of BB8, after I check out Deb's blog, she is tempting me~~~~ throw me a rope~~~~~~
Stay safe!
Happy Stitching!

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Kathy said...

Aren't overnighters fun? I have been doing them and weekend camps for years. Never really had a bad one. Stitchers getting together like that are always up for a good laugh and can talk your leg off.