Saturday, August 4, 2007

No stitching time this week.....

No stitching for me today. Really none so far this week, but I plan to make up for that tomorrow. I'm having some old friends and a new friend join me for some stitching fun tomorrow. I can't wait! I made a yummy (I hope!) Caribbean Chicken Salad (it's a bit of an experiment, a little from this recipe, a little from that recipe, and a little of the grocery store didn't have that ingredient so I will substitute this ingredient! Will let you know what everyone thinks!) and a cool summer time lemon cake today. Cleaned house! Helped dear hubby with some yard work and took a couple dips in the pool! I'm soooooo looking forward to my stitching time with friends tomorrow. Wish everyone could join us! Here is where we will spend our stitching time. This is my favorite room in the house! I'm having some issues with the company that enclosed our Lanai..... Seems our sliders out to the pool area are scratched..... The company now claims we can not have that type window in an air conditioned space. Soooo.... why did they install them in an air conditioned space??? The owner is working with us for a solution. Will keep you posted, but I still love love love this room. I hope my stitching friends do too!! I took a plunge and invited a stranger..... well she is not a stranger anymore! I found this blogging stuff several months ago & went from one blog to another blog to another blog.... and ran across one from someone kinda near to me. I found her style interesting, her words kind and caring, I took the plunge and sent her an email inviting her to join us tomorrow. She accepted! Came and met me this week (I think she wanted to make sure I didn't have 3 heads (little does she know I keep 2 of them well hidden.....) We had a great time getting to know each other & I look forward to lots of stitching time with Deb, aka Lavender Rose! Thanks for taking a chance!
Other than that, a pretty quiet week for me. The boss came back from a family vacation in Scotland, so the work place got super busy on his return..... I know, I know, that's why they call it work and not stitching or swimming or boating or golfing or...... Anyway, he brought me back this beautimus wool afghan! I love it! Just my colors, goes perfect with my stitching pieces in the living room & helps to satisfy my fiber fetish! I will take a picture soon & post for your enjoyment!
K, I think that's enough blabbing from me for one day! Sweet dreams and happy stitching!


monique said...

Oh, it's so fun to have stitching friends over! Have a lovely day :)

Nicole said...

Looks like you all are going to have a lot of fun! I love your sunroom - it looks like the perfect place to stitch! :)

Vonna said...

I love your sunroom! WOW gorgeous and I'm sure a treat to stitch in at anytime of the day or night!
Deb is a dear and I bet it was loads of fun to meet her and stitch!

Lavender Rose said...

Martha, It was great fun to stitch at your house, and the Carib Chicken was to die for everyone!! And, of all the desserts we had to choose from...I took home a bucket of your lemon cake because it was the absolute best!! I had a fabulous time and everyone decided we need to do it again soon...real soon!!

jane said...

Your room is beautiful. I envy you having a stitching get together. I don't know anyone who stitches. I'm going to try to find some. Anyone near Greer, SC???