Thursday, August 2, 2007

Progress Photo Callie's Birth Sampler Block 07/29/07

Trying this again! I'm not sure if blogspot does not like me posting multi photos in a post, or is it comcast that does not like it, or, is it perhaps my cookie infested dell? Hmmmmmmmm.... All I can say, is it has been quite flusterating the last 2 nights....
Ok, here is where I stand on Callie'e birth sampler. I'm doing pretty well. She is only 2! I have to say I am not enjoying stitching this at all, but can't wait to see her quilt all sewn up. I am, indead, a linen snob now and this aida cloth is a nightmare to stitch on!

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Lavender Rose said...

But, it's so darling, and you just have to forge ahead, Martha!! It's too cute to stop!