Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still thinking about Savannah.....

Here is a photo of my practice piece from the Savannah weekend. I still have more work to do: the reticello, mitering the corners, the hem stitch, needle weaving and bullion's. This will be a lovely table scarf when completed.
I'm sorry for the poor photo quality, but it's white on white!

I'm a member of Susan Greening Davis Yahoo groupies (of course!). Here is the post I left for the group after our return from Savannah:

What a great time in Savannah, but better yet, what an awesome project. Susan has out done her self on this beauty. Last night, I dreamed I had the whole project stitched and hanging in my guest room! This piece is a dream come true & it will be finished! It was a wonderful weekend of stitching with friends and meeting other LMP..... like minded people! I wanted the weekend to continue, so I brought my project pouch to work with me today & kept opening it up and peeking inside and touching the fabric and looking at the picture... (I'm hooked!).

We made it home around 8pm last night. A long drive, but we solved so many problems. Casted a movie. Laughed. Encouraged. Got to see Cathy's new grandson. Planned a tassel class. Anita stitched. She even did some cutting on her practice piece! It was just a great time.We thought we would share some things we learned on our Savannah trip:

~~You can go a day and a half without a room key & the hotel staff will still smile when they come to let you in your room.... again.
~~Mapquest does not know how to get to the hotel.
~~Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream is da bomb!
~~Coffee is good for you.
~~All roads lead to Mt. Dora
~~Even the masters lick their threads.
~~The Bay Street side of River Walk really is the "top shelf" of the historic district.
~~It's pretty neat to stitch with the eye of the needle, if you wear your thimble.... on the right finger...
~~Kathy can snort.
~~If you cut the wrong thread, weave the wrong way, follow Sally's rules and just cover it with a button!

I'm so thankful for all my stitching friends, new and old. I enjoy my time with you all. I think it is important for us to have opportunities to share and learn and am so thankful to Susan and Sally. My non-stitching friends are amazed that I would travel 6-8 hours, one way, to "put threads in a piece of fabric", but I'd do it in a heartbeat! If you ever get down on the Florida Gulf Coast, let me know, I'll let you sit in my favorite stitching chair, fix you a nice cool drink and stitch the time away with you.

Stay safe! Happy stitching!

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